Let’s talk… Negotiation!


Negotiation – a subtle art of marketing

Let’s take an everyday look at negotiation. When you negotiate you are trying to get something for the best deal you can. As the initiator or seller the best deal where both parties gain can help in repeat business.

Have a look at the clothes you’re wearing. You saw it in a store and decided to purchase – now think back. The garment was probably well displayed or was something you wanted at a particular price. Maybe it cost a little more than you wanted to spend, but that ‘water resistant’ lining sure made the difference. Then you saw the tag and it said 20% off today, and you said “yes”. Its a great deal because now you can save on what you would have to spend and get an additional value. This instantaneous process, was in fact the subtle negotiation initiated by marketing! When you settled the bill, the seller received his benefit from that negotiation – immediate sale!


Negotiation for mutual benefit while securing the best deal takes some understanding of current events / market. Take a moment to gather information before making a decision. It can help you negotiate your best deal today!

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