A Job Well Done


An Everest

I looked up and my heart was filled with pride and at the same time I was in awe. Here I stood beneath the silver ceiling, cool and comfortable, looking at my project. The first big one undertaken some years ago has stood the test of time. There was a lot of movement in the warehouse. The forklifts and people were busy moving in and out. The place was filled with activity and action, and I felt that sense of accomplishment one can only feel when they have climbed an Everest.

Happy customers

What are you prepared to do to ensure your customers are happy, not just for the short term, but for a long time?

As I gazed at the ceiling, someone touched my shoulder. From the moment I entered to the present the workers were coming up and asking when will the other parts of the warehouse be insulated and ventilated. Without words they seemed to understand it was not as simple as it appeared, and were grateful for the relief they experienced daily within the area. Once again I shook hands and held a general conversation, expressing appreciation for their feedback and confidence in the solution.

Ventilation needed – The heat from the past

In 2008, I met with a customer who was referred to me by another. He started the process, and we both lobbied strategically to get a sample part of his warehouse completed. The objective was to win a small battle for the customers and staff, and then expand further. My first hat on that project was that of salesperson. I listened, researched, and did a study on the location and the bureaucracy of our government systems. We worked as a team, the client was quite serious with this project, and its success depended on getting everyone to buy into the solution. One year later, we were still lobbying and my client was replaced suddenly. Politics can be the killer of many sales deals. Undeterred, I continued and two years later, we got the job, and completed the project. There were problems, challenges along the way, but I felt it was important to finish successfully. During the negotiation period every time I visited my body was drenched in sweat from the heat. I could not imagine how staff and customers survived this business environment, but I dreamt that one day, it would be different.

Looking up, I felt the cool breeze from the fan flooding downwards, on this very hot day. Another smile escaped and noted everyone looked cool and comfortable. I am happy and proud. The sample has worked well, and hopefully one day, they will complete based on this example.

Can one feel passionate about a job? Can one feel happy seeing happy customers who belong to another?

On leaving the compound, there were many handshakes, and greetings. The last thing I heard, “when will you get them to fix the rest?

I have made quite a few mistakes as an entrepreneur, a saleswoman, project manager, ventilation consultant, trainer, commercial manager, and leader. I have learnt that the value of your mistakes is in you failure analysis assessment. When you get it wrong, you need to pause just long enough to see what was wrong, and how to make it better, next time. If you cannot acknowledge your errors, you cannot fix and grow.

Customer service is important. Understanding the dynamics of customer satisfaction requires mapping the present situation and mapping alternative solutions based on your industry. Brainstorm cause and effect, and its impact on ALL employees. It is very important to keep internal customers comfortable so they can meet and exceed external customer needs.

Somehow, we got this right, and I learnt a lot from that project, and providing a solution which works.

What has been your best customer solution experience?  Work can be an undiscovered passion if you have not found it yet!


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Happy Independence USA!



A bebee celebration!

Happy Independence Day to all the bees and  citizens of the USA!

Feeling a Buzz on your shores ready to celebrate…bees are swarming!

Today, I am sharing some of the words of a few bloggers from the USA in my network who I enjoy reading. In fact, these writers make me chuckle, laugh, go into deep reflection and retrospection and keep me mentally stimulated by their words! For this day let me introduce some of my blogging comrades, with all the pomp and ceremony my fingers can evoke…

  •  Matt Sweetwood  

I am a fan of Matt, and the first day he liked a post from me I was thrilled for a week! It is safe to say I’m sweet on Sweetwood, no pun intended! He is a parent, businessman and an advocate for men’s rights. He is also a social Media Guru  who ‘knows the ropes’ and more. Here is my article of choice for today. He also has an excellent website you can visit to learn more on this link https://msweetwood.com/  He is a bee and this buzz is all about us!

Who Would  Bee The Winner in the Microsoft Buyout of LinkedIn? 

  • John White

John has become a great blogging friend and someone I highly respect. He understands the importance of branding. Through his articles and posts he proves why he is excellent Social Media Marketing Guru. When he shared news of joining bebee it was a ‘no-brainer’- if John is there it has to be great! I gave him a surprise call recently, and he is just as great as he writes! John is now contributing writer with Huffington Post and he is on Inc. I hope to one day follow in his footsteps!

 How to get a Buzz on beBee 

Employee Advocacy is the Key to Successful Content Marketing

  • David B Grinberg

David is sharp and savvy! I am always assured that David will share something he is passionate about which affects the lives of others. He is very versed in the politics of his country and is not afraid to share his views. There is always supporting research when he writes. Sometimes I disagree with his opinions, but always respect his position which he argues quite well. There are two from him I’m sharing today, because of this special occasion!

Independence Day: Freedom begets Equality

Why Workforce Diversity is Simply Good Business

  • Laura Mikolaitis

Laura writes some heartfelt comments which caught me from the onset. She is a great supporter of those she reads from! We have somewhat complimentary writing styles  I discovered when we collaborated, on an interview discussion ‘The Blogging Society’ and it was great! She is warm, sincere and writes with a mystic flavor. You can learn a lot more about her in the articles highlighted!

Pink Sand Sky

The Blogging Society

  • Phil Friedman

Phil is the voice which is unafraid of anyone. He has a wealth of experience in writing and publishing, a very wickedly humorous pen, and an avenger of authors’ words! He is the reason I coined the phrase ‘wordslayer’ which is part of my pen name Dwordslayer. There are a lot to choose from, but my gut selected these!

Living In the Third Person

He Said He Said- An Index Of The Complete Series

  • Pamela Williams

This lady has spunk and wit and loves people and animals. She has some career advice through her “Chronicles of a Mid Career Change”,so far I’ve counted five parts!  Here are a couple posts to wet your appetite!

Society is not top heavy – Skooch over and make room 

Chronicles of a Mid Career Change

  • Lisa Gallagher

This bundle of awesomeness is a kindred spirit and a woman who is not afraid to step out of the box! Lisa is a chameleon, and quite funny at times. I’m never sure how to react until I pass the first paragraph. Lisa gives suspense and passion and her kindness resonates in her words. Her collection is quite wide but here are a couple ‘must reads, don’t want to miss’!

Suffering From Anxiety Disease and Social Implications

One Example Of Endless Opportunities- Becoming an Ironman Triathlete

  • Franci Eugenia Hoffman

This beautiful lady is Mrs. Brew&Spew . She writes in rhyme, prose, and riddles which pack a punch! Her website https://amanpan.com/ is great, filled with nuggets of sweets and savory treats to go with your morning brew! Have a visit of her site and check out the links below which are recent offerings on beBee.

Ponder the Resolve

Hive Talk 6- Featuring “Interesting Engineering, Technologies and Discoveries”

Sharing the honey!

These folks are just a sampling of who I read from the USA. There are lots more from a worldwide audience. I hope to share my blogging world with you and a beautiful place where bees congregate making honey.

Do you produce honey? Think you are sweet? Share your honey; someone is waiting to read from you at  beBee.com

Hope you enjoy my selections and I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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Engagement – Recurring Decimals & Skateboarding!


Skateboarding logic

“I am afraid of falling, but I will always take a chance!”(Eversley,2015)

Skateboarders, I think are some crazy interesting people. These guys do not play it safe. Why would you want to skate down stairs or a railing? Let’s take the stairs – its constant small drops, and jerks while on a piece of board or plastic on wheels.

The image says it all. That’s not my son, its another young hero, but Andrew swears its perfection!

These guys know how to fall, and they are actually thinking about what they did wrong while falling. At least my first son Andrew expressed this as we discussed his passion for that extreme sport.

Andrew is also a Liverpool soccer fan  ( we call it football), and he gets a lot of ribbing for supporting a team which does not seem to like to win much – my opinion! He loves the team, and their team spirit, making sure we know their club song “You’ll never walk alone”. He is loyal, and will support that team win, lose or draw!

Recurring decimals  

You need readers of your words like recurring decimals. Readers who can be relied on to regularly check in. How can this be done without engagement? The answer is it can’t. No one will regularly repeat the same action if, there is uncertainty or inconsistency in value. There must be a reason for a reader to choose to read your words consistently, and reciprocation should be consistent also!

The recurring decimal appears when its values are repeated at regular periodic intervals, and only if the portion repeated is not zero. There is no value in coming back, at zero. The value of a recurring decimal is to keep the remainder going.Consistency establishes a reason to keep checking for new activity. 

As consumers we love shopping for things. Whether it’s a pair of shoes or the latest Mercedes Benz, we tend to keep going back, to wherever we got good service and a great product. If you like the service at the coffee shop around the corner, that’s your first choice for coffee. The financial adviser who keeps helping you save and grow your money, you will keep him close because you treasure his service. Recurring decimals are happening, periodically in your life with these great relationships.

When zero happens, infinity stops. The recurring decimal can keep going to infinity, as with a loyal customer.

Skateboarder engagement

Andrew was my personal assistant for five years. On one of our trips he met some folks from Blueprint Skateboards, and Paul Shier a great skateboarder who was partnering with them at the time. Paul gave him a ticket to a premiere they were having for skateboarding. Paul is a regular guy with a huge reputation, and a big heart!  Andrew was getting high on engagement with this network of skateboarders, all strangers with one common interest!

Andrew’s passion helps him create his own opportunities. I see him repeat different actions, as he tries to make his hobby his career. He opened his online store for skateboard supplies locally and keeps trying to make it work. Never giving up, despite the challenges. ( My dreams for an attorney dashed -by a skateboard!)

Recurring decimals & skateboarders

While you may be publishing weekly or daily it is important to engage consistently with your followers / network. Let your interest be about others and their work, while distributing your work. Establish your presence. Read an article, like an article, comment and share. There is much which can be learnt from others,and you will be able to understand their preferences. Your audience has opinions and views they are willing to share. Building a fan base starts here!

Engagement requires willingness to go beyond your comfort zone, to see what the possibilities can be. 

The recurring decimal understands the need to check in with his customer – the numbers, so he can be prepared for the next visit. If he does not keep in touch, when that zero approaches it will be too late.

Blogging requires us to engage periodically with our customers – we are the recurring decimals!

Salespeople must periodically check in as recurring decimals or they will get to the point of zero very fast.


Engagement can be as rich and as fruitful as you choose to make it.

  • Don’t be afraid to start a conversation
  • Be passionate and loyal
  • Keep in contact consistently like a recurring decimal, to build relationships
  • Get to know your network, your market of readers & writers
  • Share your challenges and successes, everyone likes a shared story
  • Most of all whatever you decide to do, be fearless like the skateboarder – he knows he will fall, but keeps trying for a strong landing!


The premiere was great Andrew recalls. As he practices his skateboarding, he jumps and the friction created, by his speed and the angle of his feet, causes the board to fly with him – landing strong or falling flat. He gets up, and goes again, his engagement with his audience his goal to his success!

This is the 2nd part of my engagements posts. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did preparing it for you. I relate most things back to my life, and my kids say with exasperation, ” that’s experience taking” when I share!

Can’t get on the skateboard with him yet, maybe someday!

Engage with me and our readers and writers by, liking, commenting and sharing. When we share, it increases the value of the engagement, and helps us & others!

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( The amazing picture above is of Paul Rodriguez from Google search – Surf + Skate Rangoe Magazine, rangoe.com 

Artwork: Artistree -andrew.innocent@hotmail.com

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Engagement: You Got Game!


Family Business Travel

My second son Aaron, traveled with me to London for a business meeting a couple years ago. We were travelling with Virgin Atlantic ( best airline!) via Barbados, and I used the opportunity to meet with a major business customer. Aaron, had never been to Barbados, and was quite pleased to meet with the customer, and see  a bit of the island. The sea surrounds everything and he enjoyed lunch over looking the beautiful ocean with our client. It was in his opinion a great place for a business meeting with excellent food!

Aaron, is a Manchester United Soccer fan ( we call it football)  and can also be considered a gamer. He is in a ‘stuffy traditional career’- accountant, and an entrepreneur, as is my elder son. The genesis of this post is actually based on a conversation he was sharing with his brother. I was eavesdropping and enjoyed the experience, though I did jump in at the end!

Gaming requires engagement!

“You are, either a part of a team or on your own, but there is constant engagement.” Aaron’s voice changes when he speaks to his online gaming friends. He tries to slow down his words and adopt sometimes an accent which can be understood based on the country of the player’s origin. In the excitement, there must be control, otherwise the other person will not understand what is being communicated.

Gaming he advised, “helps to train your mind to think strategy, communication and engagement. It helps with focus and consistency.” As he spoke I listened intently. It was always my assumption, he was wasting time on the computer. Stereotyping these online games negatively can be a parental misstep, I now admit.

He also advised, “gaming helps to understand human behavior,” relating an incident when he was part of a team and there was a war. The strongest team kept winning, and another team wanted to join forces with his team to eliminate them in a battle. The team tried to bully his team, advising if they did not accept the invitation to join, they would eliminate them when they got stronger.

Bullying tactics do not work in engagement – Aaron advised his team not to accept the invitation, as their survival would be in jeopardy if that rival team won.  As he explained to his team-mates, “negotiation requires a basis of trust and respect, not coercion and disrespect.” Wise words from this gamer/accountant!

Engagement requires interaction!

Can a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ be considered interaction? Sharing online indicates that there can possibly be an exchange taking place resulting in a tangible movement towards a benefit for both parties.

If I offer a product for sale, someone can buy it and not use it or remember they have it. Another customer can use the product purchased and advise of satisfying experience by sharing of opinions.

  •  The product is received and exchanged by both persons- like
  • Giving a referral, or recommendation- share

In both cases, a sale is completed, but one increases  in value.

Understanding, why people behave as they do requires listening, observation, and interaction. This is my conclusion based on  my own experiences.

For many people, time is a factor in their level of engagement, and accepting their presence for showing up has a lot of merit. Maybe reading, was cathartic, much needed at the end of a long day, and they simply needed to be with you. Their gratitude for you , you may never know.

  • No words, just your presence- views

The race is against ourselves not the clock. When we make a conscious move to slow down, we can enjoy relationships and communication. This is relevant in our online presence and general  daily living.

  • There is  joy which comes from sharing words and engaging in conversation – comments.

The Soccer Game

Soccer (football) is a contact sport. It is also an engaging sport, which joins strangers seated or standing in a bond of mutual engagement – whatever team they support!

Aaron went to his first Manchester United game in Manchester City, UK  on our business trip. His love for the team inspired a season pass seating, in a great location at the stadium from our customer. He made friends with strangers seated around him, and in the trains on his way back to the hotel. They engaged, and he lived his most memorable experience, through engagement!

This is the first of a series on Engagement and Communication from my experiences and discussions. Collectively I’ve amassed over 30 years  experience in the business of people, sales, marketing, business development and entrepreneurship . I’m hoping my experiences shared will give some practical examples of how much we have in our own back yard. Keep your seat-belt on, as this journey will make you feel something!

Engage with me if you enjoyed this post, and share your feedback with your colleagues and friends. If you disagree with anything I’ve shared, please share and lets have some great discussions!

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Expectations and Limits



Life can give you a kick when you least expect it – in a good way! There are curve balls and circumstances which shape the things we expect. Sometimes a calculated and cautious outlook is necessary, and at other times, facing ‘expected reality’ shows our faith or lack of.

People are the ones who set expectations and limits. How much is possible in a week of sales from one salesman will be different from two salesmen. The market conditions and economic climate, buying trends, competition and product offering are some of the things in the mix as we predetermine expectations. Once expectations are formed based on market potential and people potential, a realistic evaluation can be assumed, and thus expectations and limits are set.

When expectations are exceeded, it does not mean the bar was set too low, or all conditions were lined up perfectly in favor of the successful person. It also does not mean lady luck stepped in. It probably means someone worked very hard, in spite of the circumstances, and gave it their all thus a successful outcome. The limits and expectations of others were not what determined the outcome. That man or woman, set forth to do the very best possible and nailed it!

The Student

There is a story of a young man who was generally considered an okay student. He was a bit slow in writing and processing information, but would make an effort to give his best at all times in school. His elder brother appeared to have that natural ability and flair for academics, but he seemed to have to double his efforts to pass his exams. As he approached his final year of school, he got together with a group of students like himself and they studied with the help of his brother and each other. A few months before his exams he was diagnosed with a medical condition which required urgent surgery immediately after his final exam. He completed his exams, and had multiple surgeries, before the results of his exam became available.
On the day he returned home from the hospital his mother went to collect his results. She advised her friend who went with her of her expectations. She expected, based on the conditions of  his ability, pain, challenges and mental stress, a less than positive outcome. It was impossible to believe realistically, there would be very favorable results. Thus, it was a surprise to be advised he was one of the top students in the school that year passing all exams with good grades. It was a surprise, and a time of extreme joy! He was also quite pleased with his results and those of his friends. They all passed their exams. He advised, he knew he had to work harder and gave it his all, with his expectation to do his best, putting no limits on his best. 

The student is my son, and I’m the mother who placed limits on expectations at that time.

Exceed in understanding

That was a curve-ball kicking moment which defined how I see expectations and limits.We are all capable of accomplishing that which we set out to do. Everything we can do is done through our preparation and readiness. A runner will train, and prepare, and race with others always hoping to exceed his present time. The race is with his ability before he faces others. He prepares, trains, and becomes the best he can be at his sport. We should approach life this way.

Exceed your own expectations. Be careful in assigning limits to others and yourself. Be ready to receive your best result today for your work.

Thank you for reading and engaging as you exceed your expectations of yourself!
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R.O.A.R – Capacity to Choose


“There are no quick fixes in life…if the substance of achieving is learned”(Eversley,2016)


There are many ways to lose, fail, and give up. There is one way to succeed and win. Decide and choose which path you will take and get a move on it. The challenge is in keeping the mind and body in sync with fulfilling purpose and self-gratification. When a team wins and you’re a part of the team, you win. When you embark on a project alone and you succeed in accomplishing what you set out to do, you win.

There is no ‘I’in team as we learnt in team building exercises. However, there is an ‘I’ in  ‘WIN’ and either in a group or on your own, you must bring that ‘I’ to the table. Doing your part involves getting your adrenaline to rush. It is that inner determination to achieve, which can get the blood pumping and the excitement to pull through.

Through the years I have discovered every-time I get that ‘rush’ I will roar. Winning, in my opinion, means getting into a race with others or myself to compete and complete an action. Thus I need to run, without stopping. The precision of my steps, the hurdles, and the surrounding conditions, only become fuel as I persist towards the finish.

Running on adrenaline rush (ROAR) can only be activated by me, the person. I control what turns that button on. Its a preset trigger, which is activated by emotion – adrenaline.

Without my ‘roar’, I’m still committed, but less determined to win, and simply committed to finish the race.


Many years ago, I was given a position in a firm to sell film. The film was not a well known brand locally, and there was a predominance of Kodak in our market. In those days I was all ‘unbridled’ brazen and bold in sales. There was no polish, no subtle actions or emotions but raw passion to jump in and succeed. The director who hired me had this new business unit as his project, and spoke with encouraging humor laced with sarcasm and directness. After, lauding my own praises and abilities, he called me out with my first task. A list of approximately twenty customers they wanted to do business with. This was my customer base to build on. I can still recall that feeling of anticipation as he surrendered his list. He advised, most had not purchased anything significant and a few nothing at all. Then, his punchline was to challenge my ability to execute favorably within a few months. As he spoke, I heard the challenge, and was cocky enough to make a positive remark filled with bravado! My trepidation changed as he flipped my trigger. The adrenaline rushed as I left his office, determined to gain the accounts, and the more valuable praise.

Within three months that list of twenty, became forty customers, and the valuable praise was received. Through the years spent under his leadership, I discovered he understood people, and he understood me. Management is also about releasing capacity to optimize performance. ROAR.

Capacity to Choose

During extreme moments of pressure on the body you can experience an adrenaline rush. When this kicks in, whatever you are doing becomes sensitive to the emotions coming forward. For  many athletes, the rush is built up in the desire, passion and excitement to win the game. When looking at a football match it is easy to see the team which seizes the opportunities with zeal and zest – maximizing on the moment, differentiating themselves. Likewise, the team which feels intimidated or overly confident can drop the ball and lose the opportunities – if their emotional rush is not positively fueled.

The underdog can win when losing is not an option. Winning completes the task. This is where persistence will equal success. The person who hears the noises saying he can’t is the same person who can hear the voices saying, he can. Who and what you will listen to is determined by you.

Running on adrenaline rush (ROAR) is activated by you and your capacity to endure. Get moving, and cross the hurdles, till you win.

This is the third part of a series on Capacity.The first part is  Capacity and the second is Capacity 2: A deeper meaning-Endurance


IMG_20160327_155543Thank you for reading and engaging as you roar on your journey!
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The Business of Fixing…


Getting a Light-bulb moment

There are few times I cannot write. This is one of those times.

Words should offer some level of hope. This is my philosophy. This is my way. There are so many negatives and crisis in the air around, adding to it will not differentiate you. Walking in misery will not change your circumstances – it will make the journey harder, and you will miss the momentum of life, and a good fix!

The Personal to fix

For many months one of my doctors has been going through my healing process with me. He has seen me during body spasms of severe pain and has found alternative means of reducing the pain with less medication – heated blanket and a ‘tens unit’. I like the way this doctor thinks. He has referred me to other specialists and continues to believe that one day this journey will end positively. I am severely sensitive to temperature since the accident. I use a winter jacket in a tropical country when I need to enter an air-conditioned room. On evenings if I must go out I use a winter jacket. Some nights when the temperature drops I will use a jacket and a thick blanket to keep my body warm. Warmth is important.

Finally, we understand why. The body speaks when no one wants to listen. It tells us when something is wrong. It is designed to work in harmony. Each vein, ligament, muscle, blood-vessel, bone, cord, nerve, organ work with each other, directly or indirectly. If there is a problem in one area, it will affect the other in some way. My right arm no longer functions at one hundred percent, but my left arm cannot now carry an additional thirty percent burden. The strain on the left side will eventually cause a strain on the shoulder structure. It will weaken if I am not careful. The body must work in harmony, and thus repair is necessary.

The Business to fix

The business environment can be compared to the human body. The operations of the company and its performance depend on all departments working together in harmony for success. Each section is formed with people, policies and practices which are connected to the other departments and should result in an efficient operation. In many organizations business operations can be a complex execution, based on inefficiencies not corrected; and there is a ‘strain’ on the well working sections- picking up slack, to ensure they can produce their own output.

If the accounting department is inefficient, then sales and customer service may have some additional work in establishing confidence in service and the company. If warehousing does not have a system which records accurately the damages and removes such from stock, there is a problem. Reimbursement or write-offs not processed can result in the company experiencing losses on an ongoing basis. If human resources are unable to attract capable human capital to fill vacancies, then someone has to ‘double up’ for an extended period, compromising efficiency in more than one area. If the building maintenance department does not fix leaks, electrical outlets, and change defective furniture then staff is uncomfortable and functioning at optimum will be compromised. The list goes on, and thus ongoing review of each area and the overall inter-connections of operation is needed when ‘the minor things’ are left undone for an extended period.

Business operations need much more than a glossy surface to inspire trust by staff and customers. It’s what’s inside which will show who you really are and what you can do.  For me, investing in good health is important. I’m happy to know what needs fixing, so I can move on with my next business project.

The next time something does not run smoothly at work – have a closer look at where it originates!

Red Blogger picThank you for reading and engaging. Let’s share our thoughts on the business of fixing…

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