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The ABC today.Recalling time when cussing not a language and unacceptable on the top ten songs identify with language of expression and free speech. With deeper meaning and raw truths.. #lifeChanges #theAisaword #Bisaword #Cisaword and #Fisaword

 The days of change are remembered.

There was a time when buying an apple in my country was 1TT$ and that was expensive, so we opted to eat mangoes which were free. No neighbour would consider selling a mango and we gladly ‘stoned’ the tree for the fruits to fall, the more agile opting to climb and sit on a branch eating while the others looked on in envy sometimes. Enjoying the fruits meant sharing and giving any owner the right to say, ‘yes go ahead and pick what you want but leave a couple on the steps for me please.’ ‘Thank you’ was that natural response, manners were cultural and a part of our free expression.

Today, an apple is 10TT$ and some mangoes are the same price. It’s not available for free and no one would consider asking for a couple mangoes because the fences and dogs, security cameras and guards are there to keep you out and away from homeowners. Everyone is afraid to speak and saying ‘yes’ may be because of intimidation, while praying a gun does not come out. If you agreed to someone entering your garden/ yard don’t expect ‘thank you’ or ‘please’, it is no longer culturally acceptable — rather the new universal language may be imposed if you expected a response to your acquiesce.

People are different with each generation identifying with a new way of making their presence known. Today, there are words and things which were taboo and they are ok now. In fact, people fight for their right of choices and it is their right, but what about the rights of those who do not wish to comply with the changes?

Everyone has rights and for many, suppressed rights are a game changer. No longer will it be acceptable to discriminate based on religion, political position, status, gender or race. We have entered a very vocal century. It is a communicating world with social media forming a major part of everyday life. There is transparency and there is cover up in transparency. The way we see issues are no longer one dimensional, and the way we impose or beliefs on others, cross the barriers of free speech and freedom to believe.

The world needs regulation and rules, laws to guide for justice to prevail, but who will guard us from those policy makers, sometimes ‘rule haters’ themselves. There are strong and weak, rich and poor, privilaged and without-privilage, all people occuping the same space.

We may always be as a human race enslaved by our greed and desire to do what we want, how we want and to whom we want. We may be advanced technologically, but we are, as a world society, trapped by the chaos of civilized perspectives lacking basic courtesies and kindness sometimes.

This too will pass and evolution will continue. The right be a product of existence will diminish for us all and a new generation will challenge economic and social changes differently. This is the nature of change.

Language is simply a symbol of who we are most comfortable being, and in most cases the only way we can liberate ourselves.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Let’s keep it real!

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Understanding Blogging & Social Media / Marketing and consumer behavior


8af7a-animal-2067456__340Its been a year and a half since I started blogging. When I began I was a battered and bruised warrior, on a mission to recover from an accident. Today, I’m still that warrior with a weakness in one area and stronger in others. Whatever makes us weak can be complimented by increased strength developed elsewhere.

If blogging was my day job I would fire me(smile), or I would give me several warning letters! Consistency has not been something I can be marked favorably on. Instead, healing has been my all-time job, and once I accepted the position, there are benefits for the gains I have been making. You must be fully committed to whatever you pursue if you are seeking excellence.

Benchmarking against the performance of theory and others, can severely weaken one’s ability to grow when it comes to healing. An excellent doctor once admonished me by saying, “Your body knows itself. It tells you when it needs help. How can you tell it, it does not, when it shows its distress through pain and inflammation?” Thus I eventually listened to my body, giving it time to recover. With blogging I decided to listen on several publishing platforms, to understand what drives readers and followers to choose one over another.

blog 2Readers, followers, bloggers.

Blogging is much more than sharing stories via words posted online. “One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging, because its about a conversation.” This is my understanding of blogging from my experience. Businesses have been reaching out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their reading/viewing customers, which can help influence the decision-making process. In fact, social media influencing has become a major marketing strategy across most commercial industries. Competitive advantage is gained or lost through reviews of ‘rants and raves’ ( Trip advisor ,Amazon, and others) on the customer experience — experienced!

People blog because they believe they have something they wish to share with the world. For this sharing to be effective, an audience that is willing to read and respond is necessary. Responding can take the form of ‘liking’ and that can be compared to someone listening to a singer and clapping to show their appreciation. When the audience starts singing along with the singer, its the beginning of ‘engagement’ and a beautiful conversation. The standing ovation can be associated with the sharing and commenting on the blog which stirs emotion.

Now there are times when an audience may not like the words presented. This has been an interesting observation I’ve been a part of on different sites. If the words are the opinion of the author its personal. Let’s face it, political and social views are a haven for controversial discussion and debate. Initially, it was hard to read and discuss the views of others who were of a different mindset. Though I thought I could be unbiased — my cultural, ethical, moral, religious, political and a host of other beliefs called out emotional actions and reactions!

“We tend to cling and be drawn to the things we like, or feelings we control, and shun the ones which unsettle and disrupt.”

Disruption creates chaos which can either lead to greater understanding or a ‘war of words and hurt feelings.’ I’ve experienced both and I’d like to say ‘maturity’ comes from understanding the things which ‘ruffle our feathers’ while allowing our feelings to settle and be less judgmental about the other person’s opinion. Disruption is also the one sure way we can move from our ‘limited vision’ while seeing what impacts on the perception, and views of others.

Marketing and the Blogger

In marketing we learn that different markets require different strategies. Our target market will be made up of several types of consumers, and the ones we focus on will be those we believe we can convert to buyers. If our research is contaminated by bias, or misinformation, then, when the product is offered the results will dispute the research. Personal blogging can be like that.

Some bloggers will start without a clear plan. As they develop confidence in their skill, they may be guided by the topics which stimulate discussion and sharing from followers. Many times , bloggers do not see their readers and followers as consumers, and are disheartened by the results after publishing. Bloggers should have a basic marketing strategy to ‘get the ball rolling’ based on their objectives and goals.

Blogging and social media communication, requires some general understanding of marketing and consumer behavior to be effective. You don’t need to be qualified to listen , you simply need to be ‘open’ to listening. Blogs are important as stated in ‘Principles of Marketing, Kotler & Armstrong. 2006,p561. Pearson, 11th Edition’, “Blogs have voice and personality. They’re human. They come to us not from some media-genic, anchor-bot on an air-conditioned sound stage, but from an individual.” This is one of the reasons why we experience strong emotions, when bloggers use their pen, sharing their truest opinions and beliefs. When a reader takes the time to respond passionately whether in agreement or disagreement, the blogger has been effective.

In his latest article on Inc. ‘Here’s how to properly align your sales and marketing teams in 2017′, John White states, “ Social media has caused a blur in activities that are now both sales and marketing related…” As bloggers we should align our blogs (sales product) with marketing to increase our readership. When I started to think of blogging as a product I’m selling to my readers, the way I write and share took on a different meaning. My followers create a market for the words I’m ready to share!

I have found this blogging journey to be quite fascinating as I take apart the traditional thoughts and theories on marketing and consumer behavior. Social media is a dynamic communication tool, which requires ongoing participation and interaction, for the analytics to make sense!

Hoping you enjoyed reading and will share your thoughts through commenting or ‘liking’ the posts. I like hearing from all my readers, the fact that you take the time to read, is greatly appreciated.

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Originally published  at The Marketing and Growth Hacking Publication on April 3rd,2017