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Marketing and consumer behavior

Its been a year and a half since I started blogging. When I began I was a battered and bruised warrior, on a mission to recover from an accident. Today, I’m still that warrior with a weakness in one area and stronger in others. Whatever makes us weak can be complimented by increased strength developed elsewhere.

If blogging was my day job I would fire me(smile), or I would give me several warning letters! Consistency has not been something I can be marked favorably on. Instead, healing has been my all-time job, and once I accepted the position, there are benefits for the gains I have been making. You must be fully committed to whatever you pursue if you are seeking excellence.

Benchmarking against the performance of theory and others, can severely weaken one’s ability to grow when it comes to healing. An excellent doctor once admonished me by saying, “Your body knows itself. It tells you when it needs help. How can you tell it, it does not, when it shows its distress through pain and inflammation?” Thus I eventually listened to my body, giving it time to recover. With blogging I decided to listen on several publishing platforms, to understand what drives readers and followers to choose one over another.

Readers, followers, bloggers


Blogging is much more than sharing stories via words posted online. “One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging, because its about a conversation.” This is my understanding of blogging from my experience. Businesses have been reaching out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their reading/viewing customers, which can help influence the decision-making process. In fact, social media influencing has become a major marketing strategy across most commercial industries. Competitive advantage is gained or lost through reviews of ‘rants and raves’ ( Trip advisor ,Amazon, and others) on the customer experience — experienced!

People blog because they believe they have something they wish to share with the world. For this sharing to be effective, an audience that is willing to read and respond is necessary. Responding can take the form of ‘liking’ and that can be compared to someone listening to a singer and clapping to show their appreciation. When the audience starts singing along with the singer, its the beginning of ‘engagement’ and a beautiful conversation. The standing ovation can be associated with the sharing and commenting on the blog which stirs emotion.

Marketing and the Blogger

In marketing we learn that different markets require different strategies. Our target market will be made up of several types of consumers, and the ones we focus on will be those we believe we can convert to buyers. If our research is contaminated by bias, or misinformation, then, when the product is offered the results will dispute the research. Personal blogging can be like that.

Some bloggers will start without a clear plan. As they develop confidence in their skill, they may be guided by the topics which stimulate discussion and sharing from followers. Many times , bloggers do not see their readers and followers as consumers, and are disheartened by the results after publishing. Bloggers should have a basic marketing strategy to ‘get the ball rolling’ based on their objectives and goals.

Blogging and social media communication, requires some general understanding of marketing and consumer behavior to be effective. You don’t need to be qualified to listen , you simply need to be ‘open’ to listening. Blogs are important as stated in ‘Principles of Marketing, Kotler & Armstrong. 2006,p561. Pearson, 11th Edition’, “Blogs have voice and personality. They’re human. They come to us not from some media-genic, anchor-bot on an air-conditioned sound stage, but from an individual.” This is one of the reasons why we experience strong emotions, when bloggers use their pen, sharing their truest opinions and beliefs. When a reader takes the time to respond passionately whether in agreement or disagreement, the blogger has been effective.

In his latest article on Inc. ‘Here’s how to properly align your sales and marketing teams in 2017′, John White states, “ Social media has caused a blur in activities that are now both sales and marketing related…” As bloggers we should align our blogs (sales product) with marketing to increase our readership. When I started to think of blogging as a product I’m selling to my readers, the way I write and share took on a different meaning. My followers create a market for the words I’m ready to share!

I have found this blogging journey to be quite fascinating as I take apart the traditional thoughts and theories on marketing and consumer behavior. Social media is a dynamic communication tool, which requires ongoing participation and interaction, for the analytics to make sense!

Have I stirred a flame with embers glowing — please share your thoughts via comments. Thanks for being awesome!

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Originally published  at The Marketing and Growth Hacking Publication on April 03rd, 2017


The View From My Week Blogging


“Make the best of your opportunities when you see them!”

Opportunities are not hidden from us. They are there waiting to be discovered and we just have to be ready to find them. The world sends us adventure disguised as challenges so being intuitive and a risk taker helps. It is a process of awareness ‘discovering opportunities’ and can be quite rewarding when found!

This week D-Wordslayer continued with two minute daily tips to help focus on an essential part of any business- Customer Service. Getting the tips to be relevant to a wide spectrum of industries and people was interesting. Tapping into my seemingly  limitless box of experiences was the biggest challenge. Nothing went as planned but everything was better than expected.

When the unexpected happened I was not  ready, and not consistent with timeliness. My daily posts went out late, because the artwork was not ready on one day and I did some substituting. The final review before publishing most days produced some changes. Then there were the days my body and mind were on different planets and of course the internet did some crazy dipping unexpectedly. By the time you read this, its the third attempt at Pulse to publish having lost 2 posts via faulty saving on the platform.

Through it all my concern was for my followers who were eagerly awaiting my postings. Getting blogging right means being better at preparation for the week to come. Even when posts are ready to publish the desire for changes may exist – have to figure that out and fix me. Reliability matters and I lost some points for that – will be making it up next week!

Having been involved in traditional sales and service the desire to go to what is comfortable did battle with the ‘digital & technological’ era. I love the technology but the marriage has been rough between the past and present. The battle was won by neither as a hybrid came forth. This is a how innovation begins when it challenges the status quo!


I am quite fascinated by Twitter and its ability to drive readers to a blog. The things which folks liked and are finding interesting are amazing – the Twitter experience is like a roller-coaster of production! Tagging on Twitter is really fantastic as it zones into a field and can generate interest. Promoting my blogs, having persons follow on Twitter has given a closer look at social media habits with LinkedIn writers/readers, and the avid bloggers.

What happens next in this discovery of blogging & social media potential is quite exciting… D-Wordslayer has a vibe and emotional description and is more like an alter ego than a pen name. This is the part of adventure which can morph and become a dynamic silhouette, adapting to the changing times.

It’s like a workshop of words building a bridge to another land. Welcome to my new world and its first citizen, D-wordslayer! Follow me, we are climbing ‘Everest Social’ at donnaluisawordslayer!

For your ease and enjoyment here are our Customer Service Tips from this week!





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