Get The Small Details Then The Big Picture!


Conflicting objectives

Today is a new day but in business we carry over the old problems challenges and situations to the next work period. Most times it will be the next day and it probably still looks the same.

When we look at what must be done to complete a task or job we can encounter conflict.

What is conflict or conflicting agendas?

Well conflict in business relates to disagreement or something which brings a negative or alternate reaction to the surface. A good example can be the salesman trying to close a sale and needing support, being advised that the company has made its best offer and anything else will affect his commision rate. The company is holding its minimum margin and the rep grudgingly agrees to give up a part of his percentage. So what is the bigger picture here.

  • A) the salesman needs the sale to meet his quota to gain commission for the month maybe even an additional incentive to pay his car insurance.
  • B) the company can’t afford to go lower because it will affect their budget, and it may already be behind due to unexpected operations problems.

The bigger picture for both company and employee may appear to be different but they are in fact the bigger areas of concern which need to be met. The potential for conflict is there if not managed properly. Then of course there are ‘agendas’.

The hidden agendas

The employee and employer have different agendas which must be met for both to be satisfied. In the case of the employee motives for working harder/ overtime or pursuing tasks which will generate an additional reward or benefit can be the fuel which drives surplus actions. Sometimes the employer will be aware of employees additional needs but many times they don’t. The hidden agendas can create conflict in activities which require additional efforts and compromise in achieveing the objectives of employees and employer.

The employer may need to have increased sales to boost revenue in a particular area and to help with cashflow, but the hidden agenda may be a bit of mismanagement which has impacted on the financial standing of the company, threatening its survival. The employer will not wish to disclose a weakness, but the vulnerability of the company can impact on commissions when looking at the entire situation.

Both examples can create conflict, and looking at the big picture on both sides will lead to frustration.

In business looking at the big picture is looking at the impact of a decision on other areas and seeking to make the best decision in the best interest of the company and staff.

Today I’d like to throw a spanner in the big picture wheel and suggest looking closer at the situation and getting creative with solutions. The big picture won’t matter if the little things are not done. Get back to the drawing board and revisit the ‘whys’, always ensuring the ‘big picture’ is not the elephant in the room no one speaks about.

big picture 2

Resolving conflict at work requires patience, a good listening ear and a willingness to set aside the big picture for a moment while getting the smaller things resolved. Managing the little things can reduce the possibility of a big blow up, and that is the real ‘big picture’ most time

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!


Me 2018 for blogA short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity.

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The Social Media Follower: Following Communication


a6438-followers2b2It was surprising to me that I love using social media. Social media is communication. Its about technology and integrating it with your message, to transmit feelings and points in a manner which can be as interactive as the tools used. That’s my definition.

Merriam Webster says it this way, “ Social Media are forms of communication (as websites for social networking and microblogging)through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content as videos.”

I never thought I would ‘get it’ so quickly (many years), because I was actually concerned about privacy, security of websites and the destructive capabilities of the unknown. Awareness of safety measures made it easier to jump in and enjoy the experience.

There are somethings we forget about humans when we are caught up in the latest technology blitz or hype. Not many people like to ask questions. They don’t like asking for several reasons which include the fear of sounding ignorant, dumb or stupid. Communication tools and social media channels are things which demand questions to be asked, because they change so frequently. Here are some examples of the words which ‘tripped me up’, before I asked questions and investigated their meanings;

  1. Algorithm — This sounded like math or algebra, and I was convinced it would be hard to understand because I’m awful at math!

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary its, “a step by step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end, especially by a computer.” Thus, its like baking a cake and knowing what proportions are needed so it won’t flop! If my teachers taught math as food I’d be a grade A student.

2. SEO — This one took a while for me to figure out, but my first impression was it had to be a verb in whatever content you wrote online. (LOL)

Webopedia states, “SEO is short for search engine optimization. SEO is a methodology of strategies techniques and tactics, used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.” eg. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Let me say it this way – if you want someone to find your location you would give directions, sometimes referring to a map or drawing a sketch of the area. SEO is the map/sketch with general directions. As you get more specific with the details, its easier for someone to find you. That’s why SEO is important. It makes information easier to be found when searching online.

3. Followers — This one should have been as easy as the generally understood meaning, which was what I assumed it to be. It is not.

Merriam-Webster states, “ one in the service of another. Fan, devotee.” Social media followers are different from followers whom you lead, and are doing as requested or observed. No way. Social media followers are thinkers who use access to you and your network to expand their own. For many its a one-way relationship without reciprocity. Ideally, it should be a two-way flow of support and sharing.

Having 10K or 100K followers will not guarantee you supporters. You have to build a relationship. This is like having a customer who follows the activities of your company because you sell the Toyota brand of vehicle, and they like cars. Many followers may check out your cars but its the one who engages with you , who may become a customer or refer you to others in his network. Increased engagement, will grow the value to each other in the relationship.

4. Bots — got this one right because I thought it had to be something with robotic features. Bots help with automation which is a process of sharing information and giving feedback , through the use of software, designed to help improve service virtually. I’ve seen them in action and though I’m not keen on talking/writing to anything which is not human, they do generate responses which are quite relatable. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and any other bot are all here to stay, so we might as well make them welcome into our world!

Experience it

Social media makes it possible for strangers from worldwide locations to meet virtually, through various channels with speed and efficiency. Its easy to have face to face communication with folks because there are so many options, and they are constantly being upgraded. Building quality relationships are easier through the use of ‘real-time’ interaction via Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Snap Chat, and a host of other computer and mobile apps.

Your followers can eventually become your close friends / business associates. Gamers interact and share as they engage in their online sport with those they follow and others. Even with all this access, the traditional emotional barriers ( human qualities) are there to be overcome. Trust still has to be established with followers and the site where you meet, for the relationships to mature into more than a collection of addresses.

Am I a social media follower?

Yes I am. I’m following many folks I will probably never physically touch, but the potential for a planned meet-up is also possible. Through blogging and sharing my words you will learn about me and my interests. I’m inspired daily by the writings of many of my followers. Our humanness and diversity keeps us engaged socially online. Maybe one day we will meet. Until then, I’ll see you when I power up on my blogs, medium, twitter, beBee, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goggle+, tumblr, and others.

Does my experience mirror your understanding? Maybe I’m wrong, what do you think?

If this resonates with you, let me know.  Please share your thoughts via comments. Thanks for being awesome!
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Originally published  at The Marketing and Growth Hacking Publication on April 6th, 2017

Just Thinking Out Loud: #LIFEGOALS


What are your #LIFEGOALS …

Writing today, from another perspective of my life.

Many of us are over forty. Yes. In this world there are many folks over forty, especially in my following of friends, associates and bloggers. We are either at the peak of our life goals cycle or working on getting there. We have so many experiences we’re either jaded cynics or filled with more hopes and possibilities of a life filled with failures and truths. While age is just a number, experiences tell the story of time spent.

Last night as I lay in my bed trying to touch every point of its emptiness, life and goals decided to take up residence in some open spaces! I don’t feel lonely in my bed, but I feel alone in my home. The home was a goal fulfilled, and the bed well that’s a discussion for another post! As I normally do when I lay down to sleep I think of my children and my choices. I pray for the blessing of their continued lives and safety, and I thank God for them.

One of the biggest goals in my life was for my children to grow up to be adults and to be around to see this. That was a life goal fulfilled, and I gave them the best opportunities and life I could as a parent. I don’t measure my accomplishments based on what odds were stacked against me. Life as a single parent was just another day in the choices I made – not a status to be used as an excuse or a celebration, simply a choice.

When you stand at the crossroads for your own #LIFEGOALS  it really is all about you. Your goals are all you. I wanted to be an entrepreneur – done it, and ongoing. I wanted to be heavily involved in branding and international trade – done it, hoping for ongoing. I wanted to help revive a failing company, done it. I wanted to create markets for what appeared impossible, done it. I really wanted to be exposed to the impossible and get a shot at making a positive improving difference, and I sure got what I wanted. I desired to help others, and its ongoing. I desired to help non-profits gain financial and other support, and that too is ongoing. My list goes on and on with the things accomplished. The things not accomplished is another list that matters but I’m realizing the burning passion to get them done does not burn as intensely.

So yes, what are my life goals now which will fill me with an intense desire for accomplishment? I’m working on this. At the next junction of my life there must be something which will help to qualify my obsession, the daily blessing called ‘my life’.  We all measure ourselves at sometime. My harshest critic is myself. I sometimes wonder if I’ve set my self actualization bar soo high, its unattainable. Unrealistic expectations can be a source of frustration and eventually hold us back from real opportunities. There must be realism when planning for our needs, or the bubble of fictitious hope will pop, leaving disillusionment and broken self-esteem.

Our careers and professional lives do tend to be a priority, based on our economic needs and wants. Everything else comes second or third priorities, and before you know it life ends. In my own life my career became a priority early on and now while its still important there is a subtle shift as the children are leaving the nest. Its almost empty.  My spiritual, health, and social needs are surfacing more. My sense of civic duty and humanity are all bigger priorities which compete for goal status in the planning process. Thus my question to me and you is one based on the present – When you think about your #LIFEGOALS does it reflect what you want and desire, or what will please others?

I’m just thinking out loud, and grateful to share with my world during my life! If this resonates with you, please let me know, share , and encourage others to consider #LIFEGOALS

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Eating Anyone?


Case: The belly growls

One of the best ways to learn is from experience. To gain experience you have to perform an action, and sometimes you may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you decisions are winners and sometimes you just mess up. Its okay to fail, and its okay to not be happy with the results, but what’s not okay, is to not try. I’ve been called unconventional, and bold, but its how this passion for execution works with me. Breaking the rules have taught me more than toeing the line. Here is my first installment on cases for consideration in management from real events, real people, and real action!

The security guard opened the gate. The clock on the dashboard gazed back at me 4:15am. As I drove into the compound, there were 2 vehicles waiting, their drivers jumped out.

“Good morning Boss”, the first guy said as he approached my jeep.

“Hey, morning Boss, I was here first can I leave as soon as possible. Today its a long run.” The second man looks at me with a smile, as he gets closer.

“Good morning Diego, good morning Devin. Glad you guys are here. This morning I have a surprise. Please have some breakfast before you leave, there is a lot – so enjoy.” As I looked at the guys their shock and amazement is heart-breaking. “Here, can you give me a hand with those bags in the back and go easy with the trays.”

They both stand still, gazing at me as though they had seen a ghost.
Devin is the first to speak, “Boss, are you serious. You brought us breakfast. Wow, no one has ever done that before, and I’ve been here five years. You for real? But you are the Boss.”

Diego just stands, looking at me. As I look at him he looks away. We get into the building and the rest of the guys enter, and are all looking stunned by everything they see.

“Guys, you are my team. Every single one of you are part of my team. On my watch, you eat every morning before you go out there. If you can be sure of one thing every day, is breakfast from this company. It’s nothing fancy, just basic sandwich or cookies and coffee or juice every morning.” As I look around the rest of my team are there listening. Those faces don’t look as happy as I had hoped they would be. They looked shocked. Dumbfounded. Not happy.

Diego is the first to speak, ” Boss we are just surprised. You don’t know us. You’ve not been here long, and yet you are being good to us. I’m not ashamed to say, no one has ever woken up and made breakfast for me before I come to work, and I have a wife. No one really cares if I eat, because we just have to go and make the money for the company. Yes we are paid, but its sometimes not enough to live, and we’re hungry hoping someone will share their bread with us. Some customers share food with us sometimes. So we shocked. But thanks Boss. I appreciate it.”

One by one the others come up to me, with shy smiles, some with blank face and glassy eyes, trying not to show emotion. They have their pride and its important they don’t feel less as men because they have less. We go into the building and I lay the counter with coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, sugar. I’m trying not to look at them, because I’m not sure I want them to see how choked up I feel. As I uncover the trays and turn on the kettle,  a squeal erupts from another member of staff, “Look at how fantastic this all is. I could eat it all.”
Another voice jumps in, ” No, no Francis, you can take last, you are too greedy!” The guys  are busy commenting, joking and laughing but no one comes forward to eat. To get the guys started I pray out loud, “Thank you God for this meal. Bless the food, the guys and the business. Amen. Get cracking guys, and take any extras for lunch. Your trucks need to be out by 4:45am latest!

Managing  and the meal

There are many things I learnt from managing a distribution team, but the one thing which stays with me is how a simple act of kindness can impact of the lives of those we lead. It makes good business sense to know your staff and the environment they have to operate within. Expecting peak performance from members of the team who may be distracted by a lack of the basic necessities is foolhardy. What drew my attention to this need was observing the look of hunger on one of the guys one morning. I asked a few questions discretely, checked their earnings and did the math myself.

While we cannot be responsible for all their basic needs, sometimes its important to evaluate remuneration packages and seek ways to increase employee comfort to optimize performance. There are some things which help increase the overall value package offered by an organization, which won’t break the bank. In many instances, when employees talk about their place of work, if you listen closely, its the things that are not included in the pay package which are highlighted.

Be an employer who cares about the welfare of staff. You can show interest without creating huge obligations which cannot be upheld.

Every time I think about those guys I smile. The genuine appreciation was worth much more than the thirty-five dollars to take care of my team daily. When I needed them to do more they would never grumble, but step up!

Maybe I have it all wrong, but I think leading with compassion and kindness won’t make you weak, but can inspire your team to want to be loyal and to enjoy coming to work. This team thought I was ‘dread’ ( means no nonsense and tough), but felt I was fair most times – based on feedback!

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, on this case, and maybe how you would deal with a similar situation.

** This post was written and first posted on  Check link   All Business Hive  to see interactive discussion.

I’m a Business Development Consultant with over thirty years experience in sales marketing and brand /market/ customer service. I’ve started and operated a regional distribution company for over seven years in HVAC supply & distribution. Sponsorships, seminars, training and promotional activities are part of my portfolio developed over the years. If you have a challenge, it can be resolved. For consultation contact

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As I beBee Me!



I’ve had my own share of challenges on this journey called life. Sometimes we get more, much more than we feel we can handle, but yet we press on. We do not have an option to give up on this beautiful today every morning when we open our eyes. 

My right hand hurts with each key that I press as I type, but each day it gets easier. My eyes and my heart feel courage which at times waver when the uncertain casts its shadow. It is then I hear that  voice which reminds me of who I am, and who has made and formed me in his image and likeness. Then there is a peace and wonder, which challenges me to be all that I can be.

Last week I had the honor of being asked to be interviewed, and the gentleman, Michael Hillebrand lit a fire, and the words came out like a blaze ignited. The blogging community has been ‘my healing well’. It’s been a great place to rest and recover, heal and be revived. As each question was asked the desire to give and share more with this buzzing social media site was like an effervescent glass of water, fizzing out only at the end of each answer. It was published today, and I’d like to share it with you.

Bebee Interview by Michael Hillebrand with D-Wordslayer

Bebee is a social media site which I have been using since the beginning of this year and have been publishing there from around April. The camaraderie, warmth and energetic engagement reminds me of a party where everyone is happy and enthusiastic. While some of the topics are not all smiles as each day brings with it the world’s conflicts and pain, we do need a place of rest, and that can be found at

This is a very personal invitation from me to you, my readers, followers, friends, and the world at large. Check us out at and bebee me, because I want to bebee you with some good cheer and smiles!

Now when you click that link and you read, you will come to a video message. At the end of any rainbow is a pot of gold, if you dare to look for it. Come on, you know you want to….

By the way … I have a very funny rhyme as you bebee Me!

The bees are waiting to welcome you!



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A Job Well Done


An Everest

I looked up and my heart was filled with pride and at the same time I was in awe. Here I stood beneath the silver ceiling, cool and comfortable, looking at my project. The first big one undertaken some years ago has stood the test of time. There was a lot of movement in the warehouse. The forklifts and people were busy moving in and out. The place was filled with activity and action, and I felt that sense of accomplishment one can only feel when they have climbed an Everest.

Happy customers

What are you prepared to do to ensure your customers are happy, not just for the short term, but for a long time?

As I gazed at the ceiling, someone touched my shoulder. From the moment I entered to the present the workers were coming up and asking when will the other parts of the warehouse be insulated and ventilated. Without words they seemed to understand it was not as simple as it appeared, and were grateful for the relief they experienced daily within the area. Once again I shook hands and held a general conversation, expressing appreciation for their feedback and confidence in the solution.

Ventilation needed – The heat from the past

In 2008, I met with a customer who was referred to me by another. He started the process, and we both lobbied strategically to get a sample part of his warehouse completed. The objective was to win a small battle for the customers and staff, and then expand further. My first hat on that project was that of salesperson. I listened, researched, and did a study on the location and the bureaucracy of our government systems. We worked as a team, the client was quite serious with this project, and its success depended on getting everyone to buy into the solution. One year later, we were still lobbying and my client was replaced suddenly. Politics can be the killer of many sales deals. Undeterred, I continued and two years later, we got the job, and completed the project. There were problems, challenges along the way, but I felt it was important to finish successfully. During the negotiation period every time I visited my body was drenched in sweat from the heat. I could not imagine how staff and customers survived this business environment, but I dreamt that one day, it would be different.

Looking up, I felt the cool breeze from the fan flooding downwards, on this very hot day. Another smile escaped and noted everyone looked cool and comfortable. I am happy and proud. The sample has worked well, and hopefully one day, they will complete based on this example.

Can one feel passionate about a job? Can one feel happy seeing happy customers who belong to another?

On leaving the compound, there were many handshakes, and greetings. The last thing I heard, “when will you get them to fix the rest?

I have made quite a few mistakes as an entrepreneur, a saleswoman, project manager, ventilation consultant, trainer, commercial manager, and leader. I have learnt that the value of your mistakes is in you failure analysis assessment. When you get it wrong, you need to pause just long enough to see what was wrong, and how to make it better, next time. If you cannot acknowledge your errors, you cannot fix and grow.

Customer service is important. Understanding the dynamics of customer satisfaction requires mapping the present situation and mapping alternative solutions based on your industry. Brainstorm cause and effect, and its impact on ALL employees. It is very important to keep internal customers comfortable so they can meet and exceed external customer needs.

Somehow, we got this right, and I learnt a lot from that project, and providing a solution which works.

What has been your best customer solution experience?  Work can be an undiscovered passion if you have not found it yet!


Thank you for reading and engaging on this post.

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Happy Independence USA!



A bebee celebration!

Happy Independence Day to all the bees and  citizens of the USA!

Feeling a Buzz on your shores ready to celebrate…bees are swarming!

Today, I am sharing some of the words of a few bloggers from the USA in my network who I enjoy reading. In fact, these writers make me chuckle, laugh, go into deep reflection and retrospection and keep me mentally stimulated by their words! For this day let me introduce some of my blogging comrades, with all the pomp and ceremony my fingers can evoke…

  •  Matt Sweetwood  

I am a fan of Matt, and the first day he liked a post from me I was thrilled for a week! It is safe to say I’m sweet on Sweetwood, no pun intended! He is a parent, businessman and an advocate for men’s rights. He is also a social Media Guru  who ‘knows the ropes’ and more. Here is my article of choice for today. He also has an excellent website you can visit to learn more on this link  He is a bee and this buzz is all about us!

Who Would  Bee The Winner in the Microsoft Buyout of LinkedIn? 

  • John White

John has become a great blogging friend and someone I highly respect. He understands the importance of branding. Through his articles and posts he proves why he is excellent Social Media Marketing Guru. When he shared news of joining bebee it was a ‘no-brainer’- if John is there it has to be great! I gave him a surprise call recently, and he is just as great as he writes! John is now contributing writer with Huffington Post and he is on Inc. I hope to one day follow in his footsteps!

 How to get a Buzz on beBee 

Employee Advocacy is the Key to Successful Content Marketing

  • David B Grinberg

David is sharp and savvy! I am always assured that David will share something he is passionate about which affects the lives of others. He is very versed in the politics of his country and is not afraid to share his views. There is always supporting research when he writes. Sometimes I disagree with his opinions, but always respect his position which he argues quite well. There are two from him I’m sharing today, because of this special occasion!

Independence Day: Freedom begets Equality

Why Workforce Diversity is Simply Good Business

  • Laura Mikolaitis

Laura writes some heartfelt comments which caught me from the onset. She is a great supporter of those she reads from! We have somewhat complimentary writing styles  I discovered when we collaborated, on an interview discussion ‘The Blogging Society’ and it was great! She is warm, sincere and writes with a mystic flavor. You can learn a lot more about her in the articles highlighted!

Pink Sand Sky

The Blogging Society

  • Phil Friedman

Phil is the voice which is unafraid of anyone. He has a wealth of experience in writing and publishing, a very wickedly humorous pen, and an avenger of authors’ words! He is the reason I coined the phrase ‘wordslayer’ which is part of my pen name Dwordslayer. There are a lot to choose from, but my gut selected these!

Living In the Third Person

He Said He Said- An Index Of The Complete Series

  • Pamela Williams

This lady has spunk and wit and loves people and animals. She has some career advice through her “Chronicles of a Mid Career Change”,so far I’ve counted five parts!  Here are a couple posts to wet your appetite!

Society is not top heavy – Skooch over and make room 

Chronicles of a Mid Career Change

  • Lisa Gallagher

This bundle of awesomeness is a kindred spirit and a woman who is not afraid to step out of the box! Lisa is a chameleon, and quite funny at times. I’m never sure how to react until I pass the first paragraph. Lisa gives suspense and passion and her kindness resonates in her words. Her collection is quite wide but here are a couple ‘must reads, don’t want to miss’!

Suffering From Anxiety Disease and Social Implications

One Example Of Endless Opportunities- Becoming an Ironman Triathlete

  • Franci Eugenia Hoffman

This beautiful lady is Mrs. Brew&Spew . She writes in rhyme, prose, and riddles which pack a punch! Her website is great, filled with nuggets of sweets and savory treats to go with your morning brew! Have a visit of her site and check out the links below which are recent offerings on beBee.

Ponder the Resolve

Hive Talk 6- Featuring “Interesting Engineering, Technologies and Discoveries”

Sharing the honey!

These folks are just a sampling of who I read from the USA. There are lots more from a worldwide audience. I hope to share my blogging world with you and a beautiful place where bees congregate making honey.

Do you produce honey? Think you are sweet? Share your honey; someone is waiting to read from you at

Hope you enjoy my selections and I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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