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To all my followers and readers. I appreciate your support. 2017 has been good. It has brought some challenges which can only make me stronger and maybe change my vision on what I expect for the future. This blog is import to me because you read, share and are a part of my world.

For 2017, I made a decision to try to streamline my online musings and content into different categories. Business and career categories will overlap when it comes to my blog platform, because life is not one dimensional.

There are many personal reflections on a wide range of topics which will only be published here though shared sometimes on other sites from time to time. We will see how this works and will review as we move forward.

I’m also publishing on Medium some specific posts/articles via Thrive Global and Marketing &Growth Hacking publishing sites. The stories on both are quite good and also including links to these home pages.

When I publish there I will provide a link to the articles/posts here also, so you won’t miss any of my writings. I’d like to get to know my followers and if you comment or like my posts here or on any link, I will respond.

Here are some new writings I hope you will enjoy at Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication;

The Social Media Follower : Following Communication

Excerpt: There are somethings we forget about humans when we are caught up in the latest technology blitz or hype. Not many people like to ask questions. They don’t like asking for several reasons which include the fear of sounding ignorant, dumb or stupid. Communication tools and social media channels are things which demand questions to be asked, because they change so frequently. Here are some examples of the words which ‘tripped me up’, before I asked questions and investigated their meanings;”

Understanding Blogging & Social Media : Consumer Behavior
Excerpt: “Blogging is much more than sharing stories via words posted online. “One must be keen to listen to be good at blogging, because its about a conversation.” This is my understanding of blogging from my experience. Businesses have been reaching out to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their reading/viewing customers, which can help influence the decision-making process.”

Failing Up: There is only one ‘F’ word we fear as business people

Excerpt: “To be a successful business entrepreneur, you really need to get up and get going to the next round. Sometimes a referee will halt the match, allowing one of the fighters to get help and catch his breath. Take that opportunity and breathe, the business can wait, while you regroup and focus on the next round.”

Thank you for reading, interacting and sharing. I hope there is something within which resonates and inspires you today! Stay awesome 🙂

A short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity.
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The Business of Fixing…


Getting a Light-bulb moment

There are few times I cannot write. This is one of those times.

Words should offer some level of hope. This is my philosophy. This is my way. There are so many negatives and crisis in the air around, adding to it will not differentiate you. Walking in misery will not change your circumstances – it will make the journey harder, and you will miss the momentum of life, and a good fix!

The Personal to fix

For many months one of my doctors has been going through my healing process with me. He has seen me during body spasms of severe pain and has found alternative means of reducing the pain with less medication – heated blanket and a ‘tens unit’. I like the way this doctor thinks. He has referred me to other specialists and continues to believe that one day this journey will end positively. I am severely sensitive to temperature since the accident. I use a winter jacket in a tropical country when I need to enter an air-conditioned room. On evenings if I must go out I use a winter jacket. Some nights when the temperature drops I will use a jacket and a thick blanket to keep my body warm. Warmth is important.

Finally, we understand why. The body speaks when no one wants to listen. It tells us when something is wrong. It is designed to work in harmony. Each vein, ligament, muscle, blood-vessel, bone, cord, nerve, organ work with each other, directly or indirectly. If there is a problem in one area, it will affect the other in some way. My right arm no longer functions at one hundred percent, but my left arm cannot now carry an additional thirty percent burden. The strain on the left side will eventually cause a strain on the shoulder structure. It will weaken if I am not careful. The body must work in harmony, and thus repair is necessary.

The Business to fix

The business environment can be compared to the human body. The operations of the company and its performance depend on all departments working together in harmony for success. Each section is formed with people, policies and practices which are connected to the other departments and should result in an efficient operation. In many organizations business operations can be a complex execution, based on inefficiencies not corrected; and there is a ‘strain’ on the well working sections- picking up slack, to ensure they can produce their own output.

If the accounting department is inefficient, then sales and customer service may have some additional work in establishing confidence in service and the company. If warehousing does not have a system which records accurately the damages and removes such from stock, there is a problem. Reimbursement or write-offs not processed can result in the company experiencing losses on an ongoing basis. If human resources are unable to attract capable human capital to fill vacancies, then someone has to ‘double up’ for an extended period, compromising efficiency in more than one area. If the building maintenance department does not fix leaks, electrical outlets, and change defective furniture then staff is uncomfortable and functioning at optimum will be compromised. The list goes on, and thus ongoing review of each area and the overall inter-connections of operation is needed when ‘the minor things’ are left undone for an extended period.

Business operations need much more than a glossy surface to inspire trust by staff and customers. It’s what’s inside which will show who you really are and what you can do.  For me, investing in good health is important. I’m happy to know what needs fixing, so I can move on with my next business project.

The next time something does not run smoothly at work – have a closer look at where it originates!

Red Blogger picThank you for reading and engaging. Let’s share our thoughts on the business of fixing…

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Let’s Talk – Why Negotiate


The Why….

Understanding why we enter into negotiation with another party is critical to the outcome of the negotiations. The following are some business reasons;

  1. To grow existing market – Penetration
  2. Expand in a particular area of expertise -Specialization
  3. Improve present position by allegiance – Expansion
  4. Broaden offering to market – Diversification
  5. To strengthen market position – Competitive advantage
  6. For business continuity – Sustainability

Companies need to remain viable and even dominant in their given markets. A great example is Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Both brands have managed over decades to rotate at number one and two positions in beverages worldwide for decades. The boardroom and local markets have seen some incredible negotiation tactics as their rivalry is legend! Negotiation with people and leveraging relationships in negotiations have made the difference in international presence!


Negotiations take place for a reason. Understanding why  can change how you prepare to achieve the outcome!

Engage with me and share some feedback on how this message works for you!  Thanks for reading,liking, commenting and sharing. Enjoy your wonderful day!
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Artwork: Artistree -andrew.innocent@hotmail.com
© Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.