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The ABC today.Recalling time when cussing not a language and unacceptable on the top ten songs identify with language of expression and free speech. With deeper meaning and raw truths.. #lifeChanges #theAisaword #Bisaword #Cisaword and #Fisaword

 The days of change are remembered.

There was a time when buying an apple in my country was 1TT$ and that was expensive, so we opted to eat mangoes which were free. No neighbour would consider selling a mango and we gladly ‘stoned’ the tree for the fruits to fall, the more agile opting to climb and sit on a branch eating while the others looked on in envy sometimes. Enjoying the fruits meant sharing and giving any owner the right to say, ‘yes go ahead and pick what you want but leave a couple on the steps for me please.’ ‘Thank you’ was that natural response, manners were cultural and a part of our free expression.

Today, an apple is 10TT$ and some mangoes are the same price. It’s not available for free and no one would consider asking for a couple mangoes because the fences and dogs, security cameras and guards are there to keep you out and away from homeowners. Everyone is afraid to speak and saying ‘yes’ may be because of intimidation, while praying a gun does not come out. If you agreed to someone entering your garden/ yard don’t expect ‘thank you’ or ‘please’, it is no longer culturally acceptable — rather the new universal language may be imposed if you expected a response to your acquiesce.

People are different with each generation identifying with a new way of making their presence known. Today, there are words and things which were taboo and they are ok now. In fact, people fight for their right of choices and it is their right, but what about the rights of those who do not wish to comply with the changes?

Everyone has rights and for many, suppressed rights are a game changer. No longer will it be acceptable to discriminate based on religion, political position, status, gender or race. We have entered a very vocal century. It is a communicating world with social media forming a major part of everyday life. There is transparency and there is cover up in transparency. The way we see issues are no longer one dimensional, and the way we impose or beliefs on others, cross the barriers of free speech and freedom to believe.

The world needs regulation and rules, laws to guide for justice to prevail, but who will guard us from those policy makers, sometimes ‘rule haters’ themselves. There are strong and weak, rich and poor, privilaged and without-privilage, all people occuping the same space.

We may always be as a human race enslaved by our greed and desire to do what we want, how we want and to whom we want. We may be advanced technologically, but we are, as a world society, trapped by the chaos of civilized perspectives lacking basic courtesies and kindness sometimes.

This too will pass and evolution will continue. The right be a product of existence will diminish for us all and a new generation will challenge economic and social changes differently. This is the nature of change.

Language is simply a symbol of who we are most comfortable being, and in most cases the only way we can liberate ourselves.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Let’s keep it real!

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Controversial or just Keeping It Real!


Hot topics…

It can be difficult to press that publish button sometimes. It’s especially hard for me when the subject matter can generate angry negative feelings.

Everyone will never share the same point of view on Religion, Sex , Politics. These are ‘hot topics’ and its like striking a match and watching a combustible response when tempers flare.

I’ve been publishing some posts of a political nature and its fascinating to watch and sometimes read the comments. Its absolutely insane the way people hate or love. I’m not sure about what happened to sharing opinions and having some fiery discussions with mutual respect as the bar. Hmmm, yes, it seems people have been ignited to revel in hate and anger. The level of uncaring, and condescending disregard for those suffering or in need, makes me fierce.

I want to protect and shield those who are forced into a state of loss and displacement from the anger and hatred coming from some corners of the globe, some leaders, and some people. How can I want what I cannot control? How can I make a difference when I watch the world leaders falter, as they are faced with a new ego-maniacal leader.

The European Union needs to stand together now. The rest of the world needs to pay attention to the ripple effect which the actions from the USA will foster. They are faced with a Trump and a Putin who are obviously intent on creating a dominating world alliance for their own selfish gains. It is very scary. Imagine a world leader slaps down the country he is supposed to hold up high, in support of its enemy. As I listened to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News question the USA president and indicate that Putin may be a killer, the response made me freeze in shock. The USA president, responded, ” There are a lot of killers. There are a lot of killers. What do you think— our country’s so innocent?” ( Yes, its been recorded, the entire interview and shown all over the world)

Yes, that’s the person that is supposed to be the leader of what was once considered to be a great nation. I’m guessing making America great again, has an addendum … for Russia!

These are just my ramblings and thoughts on an international hot political crisis situation brewing. On a lighter, but no less serious note, I’d like to share another post. This is called “The Nutkracker Files” and I’ll leave it for  you to decide if I’ve figured out the mess that has dropped on the world for 2017.

The Nutkracker Files

Thanks for reading this far. I know controversy is not great, but this is a reality check for those who wish to hear and see what is up close and personal. It impacts on all of us. God help America. God help the people of the world!

I appreciate all feedback  but won’t be drawn into a war of words. Lets keep it clean and leave the smut out!


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In The Age Of History…


We live during a time of history in the making. As a history student I was amazed at the strength and commitment of our forefathers. I was horrified when I first learnt of slavery and the inhumane acts men and women were subjected to because of the color of their skin and class in society. Today I am stunned and saddened that I am living in a present where someone can insult, disrespect, humiliate, treat others with disregard and meanness and become president. Yes this is a historic moment. Freedom has a legitimate challenger from one who attained power though illegitimate means.

What happens now will depend largely on the majority of  USA voters who had their election stolen by an archaic electoral college system and Vladimir Putin of Russia. The minority rules and change will come swiftly for the American people, as they are now lead by someone who admires the country’s strongest enemy, and defends his right to emulate his hero. The one truth which has held through and true, is the ‘PG’ (pussygrabber) has not lied about his character. He has shared who he is and for whatever it is worth, one cannot deny he holds true to his beliefs and character.

We are now watching from every corner of the earth, to newsfeeds and the  press /social media platforms with dread and strength. Dread because we assumed the battles fought many histories ago would survive and thrive the test of time, and has not. Strength because we have learnt well from our historical past that we need to unify to face our biggest fears of evil and challenges as a global society.

We are stronger than we started off many ages ago as the human race. That strength has been honed by testing, challenges, persistence and commitment to what is good, true and right for all mankind.

Keep the faith!

Here is my third offering on CITIZEN LIFE/ CHANGING TIMES blog… Freedom of the Press/Freedom of the People


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