About me ……D-Wordslayer


another sunset in st vincentHi, its me – Donna-Luisa

I’ve tried to start my blog before and learning the ropes and trying to get it right. Started off thinking I’d be sharing my experiences IMG_20150418_142218in business and entrepreneurship. Thought I would be starting here but my passion took over and started writing on LinkedIn. All my posts are available on this blog!

I’ve started writing my views on humanitarian advocacy and somehow the current events around the world, have made my focus shift a bit. I’m sharing my experiences and my opinions/thoughts / reflections on life and how I’ve learnt to navigate my way to who I am now.

What does wordslayer mean ?

A storyteller with a love for words. Supporting the cause for words to be used and its work attributed to its author. #Stopplagiarism

It all started with an article I wrote called “Wordslayer- Ethics,Trust and an Ugly ‘P’ word” and a man called Phil Friedman who inspired that article. This man was and continues to be relentless against unfair treatment of writers and ‘suspicious similarities’ with original works. To say I admire him is an understatement! I made him the first official wordslayer, a protector of our words on LinkedIn.

The 29th November, 2015 makes it one year since an accident which changed my life. Surely I’ve learnt to understand ‘the struggle is real’ and life is fragile. What do you do when you lose everything  you thought was important , but have everything that’s important right here? You live, you fight and you get the courage and the ‘testicular fortitude’ to say.. I will not give up.

Be of Good Courage, and be blessed!


Search for me and you will find me at http://www.donnnaluisawordslayer.wordpress.com



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