For the Broken Heart..There is Love!



Loving memories

To celebrate love I’m shifting thoughts a bit, to include the wonderful feelings of love, and its many differences.

How do you define love. It means so many different things, based on experiences. I’m getting nostalgic and its all beautiful. When in love the raw emotion is urgent, or maybe its the lust which makes love urgent. However it seems, when there is no longer love, looking in is hard. Maybe there is love – even when it goes.

Love Goes….

I took the chance and took the fall

Ran for the risk, lost it all

Ever an endearment

You were my babycakes of a dream

Never saw it coming, but it could have been seen

I took all the chances to have you in my arms

You never saw my circumstances

You never saw my heart

We were living in a past

Existing like fools

My love…

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