Let’s Talk… A Love That Lasts



The courage to carry

“To have a love that lasts forever, is to truly understand vows and commitment” (Eversley,2016)

In all of my forty six years of life I have waited for the commitment of true love. To really believe that there are people in this world who can cherish and care for another romantically has become a faded dream. A dream which has been archived into the fantasy part of my mental library.

The love stories of long marriages which are not abusive or filled with indiscretions seem ancient. The new lifestyle sets a pathway to divorces which have become their own academy awards on film. Acceptance of prenuptial agreements and exit clauses are now necessary when thinking of love – whether in a celebrity career or leading a nondescript livelihood.

To this end I did weep when I read from a friend and learned of his devotion, marriage…

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