My Brother’s Keeper



IMG03967-20110108-1128I read a post by one of our colleagues on LinkedIn, Ibukun Adebayo, quite inspiring… and the words poured out. My fingers move on their own when I feel intensely. It would not accept the comment and being quite new on this platform, thought maybe it should be on my own.

There is a crisis worldwide which cannot and should not be avoided. The surge of refugees in the war torn middle east has magnified  to epic proportions , making the word ‘epic’ insignificant. Where are they all to go?

There are not many countries offering the opportunity to help relocate, simply because it is almost impossible to conceive. These nations, once thriving and prosperous are now broken mortar, with blood mixed in. Lost societies, not for archaeologists to seek out in the future, but here in the present. The following is my expression, simply unable to contain;


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