In The Age Of History…


We live during a time of history in the making. As a history student I was amazed at the strength and commitment of our forefathers. I was horrified when I first learnt of slavery and the inhumane acts men and women were subjected to because of the color of their skin and class in society. Today I am stunned and saddened that I am living in a present where someone can insult, disrespect, humiliate, treat others with disregard and meanness and become president. Yes this is a historic moment. Freedom has a legitimate challenger from one who attained power though illegitimate means.

What happens now will depend largely on the majority of  USA voters who had their election stolen by an archaic electoral college system and Vladimir Putin of Russia. The minority rules and change will come swiftly for the American people, as they are now lead by someone who admires the country’s strongest enemy, and defends his right to emulate his hero. The one truth which has held through and true, is the ‘PG’ (pussygrabber) has not lied about his character. He has shared who he is and for whatever it is worth, one cannot deny he holds true to his beliefs and character.

We are now watching from every corner of the earth, to newsfeeds and the  press /social media platforms with dread and strength. Dread because we assumed the battles fought many histories ago would survive and thrive the test of time, and has not. Strength because we have learnt well from our historical past that we need to unify to face our biggest fears of evil and challenges as a global society.

We are stronger than we started off many ages ago as the human race. That strength has been honed by testing, challenges, persistence and commitment to what is good, true and right for all mankind.

Keep the faith!

Here is my third offering on CITIZEN LIFE/ CHANGING TIMES blog… Freedom of the Press/Freedom of the People


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