R.O.A.R – Capacity to Choose



“There are no quick fixes in life…if the substance of achieving is learned”(Eversley,2016)


There are many ways to lose, fail, and give up. There is one way to succeed and win. Decide and choose which path you will take and get a move on it. The challenge is in keeping the mind and body in sync with fulfilling purpose and self-gratification. When a team wins and you’re a part of the team, you win. When you embark on a project alone and you succeed in accomplishing what you set out to do, you win.

There is no ‘I’in team as we learnt in team building exercises. However, there is an ‘I’ in  ‘WIN’ and either in a group or on your own, you must bring that ‘I’ to the table. Doing your part involves getting your adrenaline to rush. It is that inner determination to achieve, which can get…

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