Just thinking out loud: Nightmares & Angels


Nightmare in my dreams…

Last night I started to write a post, but its on hold now. It is going well, but I’m thinking out loud and these random thoughts will be published as soon as my fingers say okay.

What do you stand for when no one is watching? Will you smile while stabbing another in the back? Do bystanders even care when the bus rolls over another brother / sister? Well, these are random thoughts? I think I may have been sleeping when I was awoken by a dream. It was disturbing and I recall the burning at the stake of the martyrs of long ago. It was indeed a nightmare and I wanted to wake up, but my sleep kept me there. Indeed when I finally awoke, my heart raced with fury and my thoughts  were a maze of fog, eyes closed tightly, not wanting to open. What do you dream about when you close your eyes? As a child I had few nightmares. As an adult, I’ve had a few!

For a while I allowed the dream to play itself back. The distance between sleep and awareness is but a twinkle of light. Thus when the shadow moved to allow light in, I pondered the dream, seeking to find out why we have bad dreams. Can it be I had too much fried foods the day before, or maybe the ice cream I had when no one was around was the culprit. Whatever the reason, the questions needed answers so my thoughts slowed, cooled to a natural tone, and answers moved forward.

In the corporate world, people will play games. They do it when no one is watching and action it when their target audience is present. These random thoughts were the result of a bad dream, and life may spring some of those upon us. What do you do when something is being done to another to cause harm? Will you look away, or will you stand up? Dreams can be good and bad, we cannot have one without the other. There is no absolute perfection in things, and there sure is no perfection in mankind.

Great People and good dreams

As this year comes to a close, I’m glad to have the privilege to be around some truly fantastic folks, who are the angels in my dreams. Please take your wings;

ccardJohn White, Phil Friedman, Jim Murray, Paul Crobalian, Milos Djukic, Mamen Delgado, Aurorasa Sima, Pascal Derrien, Don Kerr, Cory Galbraith,  Ken Boddie, Kevin Pashuk, Michele Williams, Lisa Galleghar Fatima Williams, Franci Eugenia Hoffman, Gert Scholtz, Andrew Vincent, Andrew Porter, Irene Hackett, Ben Pinto, Laura Mikolaitis, Sarah Elkins, John Whitehead, Ivan Campos… my list runneth over, and my gratitude abounds..( many more names are written in my heart! )

I would like to pause and share a random thought.. Ivan Campos is a close follower of mines. We do not speak the same language but his support is like a cup over flowing. This is affinity – totally beyond the barriers of language.

There is an interesting message between someone and myself, a very late night conversation, which got quite revealing when she  shared her perception on my view of her. Of course I advised she is a strong, beautiful and brave woman  whom I can admire, agree , disagree and respect at the same time! This is affinity – agreeing to disagree and talk ! ( This was also clarity for me as it relates to ‘how one can be perceived)

Now, I’m hoping my friendly warrior is okay with this sharing ( don’t shoot with the pen!)I disagree with many, but respect everyone. When respect is hard to feel, then I will move away. I respect all bloggers even when I don’t respect the position they take. To air views which may be controversial is a hard thing.

Bebee is a really unique place to be. Javier and Juan are indeed incredibly gutsy to make this dream a reality for bloggers.

I’m just thinking out loud, because I am grateful that I have many good dreams!

Thank you everyone!


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