You are Wrong about Yourself


Cory Galbraith asks some thought provoking questions. The observations about our worth matter in our own building of confidence and esteem.
Enjoy and reflect on this …

Cory Galbraith


So many of us lead our lives feeling unworthy.

We are convinced that all life has to offer is not really for us. We are worthy only of a little bit of success. But a lot? That’s for others.

How wrong we are.

It is amazing how our belief system – what we think of ourselves – manifests itself in the outer world.

What happens between our ears translates into the reality of our career status and relationships.

This fundamental question – “Am I worthy?” can be answered in only one way:


We are all worthy of being the best that we can be, and obtaining the most that we can from life.

I am not referring here to just money, because many of us do not believe we are worthy of being loved.

This would seem to be insanity.

But in fact, the feeling of not deserving a…

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