A Fired-Up Bee…


Some help from William Shakespeare

Friends, Bloggers, Social Media Citizens…lend me your ears. I write to share my experiences and perspectives not to praise beBee. There are many social media sites on the internet. The good is often shared with others via blogs, so let it be with clicking on, and experiencing  beBee.

There may be a few bloggers who have different experiences from my own, but each one can choose to receive that which they wish for. From my own engagement I have found it to be the best social media experience thus far in my blogging journey. My words come from my heart and head, and they are written to be shared. Every site will share your words, but some  will use selective algorithms and systems based on their philosophy. BeBee’s philosophy is about ‘affinity’ and this is a core aspect of their platform thus sharing is not restricted to your network.

As a relatively new platform the company is building a culture in-keeping with its philosophy of inclusion, based on its actions. Yes, generally everything which is new needs to be tested, used , tweaked and adjusted, and beBee is doing that. Engagement requires more than one willing party, so from the beginning something was needed to build a new and engaging team of supporters.

The Ambassador program was established early on, for those who wish and desire to be bricklayers, and foundation builders. These Ambassadors have a core belief based on their history of engagement and interaction, and this in my opinion is ‘positive affinity’. These ambassadors and those who will be added are part of the ‘building team’ because they believe in ‘positive affinity’.

Engagement  can be positive and not be in-agreement, this is an art which ‘social media aficionados’ practice online and in their non virtual lives. Engagement can be passionate and fiery without being nasty and disrespectful. Engagement can be expressive and powerful, yet kind in delivery of the written word. Arguments and disagreements are the hallmark of diverse opinions and immense learning and fun!  Yes, my friends we will be proved by our words and willingness to fight fair, so no one feels the need to ‘block out’ those whose aim wound, with or without intent.

Indeed, with the introduction of video streaming beBee can once more distinguish itself as a trendsetter and not simply a platform geared to fulfilling its own needs without understanding the needs of its users. If you have seen the video streams you may find that sense of affinity shining through. Why should one’s professional life be a façade separate and apart from one’s social persona; a coin has two sides both different and unified into one – So too beBee and I am sure ‘others’ will follow because it makes sense.

But I am here to share my experiences and perspectives, and my poetic self, does resolve to say;

When I am asked, where would you  recommend someone to start their social media experience – the answer is beBee

Why don’t you choose a site and build a platform and place all your energies in one location, the answer is –beBee shares with everyone, and so I’ll follow their lead. They have proven their interest in sharing my words on their platform and on others.

Why don’t you just go with one of the other platforms that know their stuff, the answer is, what matters in not who exists right now but who is intent on growing and being around for my words to be shared – that’s beBee. A thought occurred to me one day recently, ‘why buy what is established as good by others when something better is being innovated which fits me.’

Why beBee, my answer is , why not beBee? Those who were here before have played innovator and forgotten how they began and why they wanted to grow. I feel creative when logging into beBee. I don’t expect perfection like that of something old, but an improved creation of what is new, with a desire for continuous evolution. I want to be social, and engaged. I want to meet others who are like minded and those who are different. I want to learn about new cultures and another language. I want to be a part of the biggest change in how we use social media to build relationships, brands, and awareness.

So yes, I am cheerful, I am happy tagging my followers, encouraging and highlighting beBee. There are naysayers who may have different perspectives, and that’s the way of the world. My heart is filled with appreciation for these humble Spaniards who have dared to take on the ‘rest of the world.’ Their social media philosophy, I heartily embrace. The Ambassador engaging support team, I am privileged to be a part of. I have accepted the baton, with a blindfold but in trust, because of my experiences. BeBee is growing… welcome and be a part of this site with me.


*** For those Shakespeare lovers, the speech by Marc Anthony in Julius Caesar is by far one of the most powerful and moving speeches written from the works of William Shakespeare. I remember each line, from that 3rd act scene 2, as I sat thinking about beBee, the ambassadors, bloggers, followers. I hope the essence of that speech resonates through my own. Those who have eyes to see and a passion to read, share and engage my words, I thank you very much! 

*Marc Anthony Speech taken from Julius Caesar


Credits: Poetry Foundation website https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/56968

I’m a Business Development Consultant with over thirty years experience in sales marketing and brand /market/ customer service. I’ve started and operated a regional distribution company for over seven years in HVAC supply & distribution. Sponsorships, seminars, training and promotional activities are part of my portfolio developed over the years. If you have a challenge, it can be resolved. For consultation contact dwordslayer@gmail.com

Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER with appropriate and specific direction to the original content


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