Picture Perfect – San Fernando Hill


 Sunday 18th September I visited San Fernando Hill, Trinidad. There are many words I can use to describe the scene which met me. However, none would do justice to the beauty and calm, sersfh11enity and peace felt as I found my way to the top of this hill.

Most times, when something plateaus it has reached its climax, for me it never does. Every time I think  okay I’ve seen it all before, it takes my breath away.

The birds can be heard as you ascend, and the windows must stay down to experience the difference in sound. The town is just a few minutes away, but this does not affect the beauty on this hill!


sfh12         sfhill3.jpg


What could I forget…

I visited San Fernando Hill to share a picturesque view with the bloggers and readers who follow me on beBee and my blogs. Apart from the beach, where is my next go to place when I want to be inspired and share inspiration? This question answered itself. Thus after church on Sunday morning, I headed up this hill to show the world the view, streaming live.

It did not happen. I forgot to download the beBee app before getting there. Plan B, taking photos and recording a couple videos seemed my next options.

There is so much more to share…

sfh3a   sfh3e


The sun was out in full force, and my lenses got very dark. On all the sides the view was beautiful, and my greedy fingers got a lot of photos to share with you. There are many days I long for the beauty of what cannot be bought, it just takes a step outside.

Outside the boundaries

Social media challenges us to step outside of our boundaries. Bebee challenges us to get involved from the beginning. To experience the raw beauty of innovation and communication. To be bold and engage with different languages. To stream live videos which can tell the stories we wish to share to our audience. Moving forward can seem like starting over, or it can be a way of broadening horizons. Seeing differently, and enjoying the improvements!


sfh5a  sfh5c

Have a great week….

Hope you are inspired by this post and looking forward to your comments, likes and sharing. Words can bring a smile to someone who needs them!



I’m a Business Development Consultant with over thirty years experience in sales marketing and brand /market/ customer service. I’ve started and operated a regional distribution company for over seven years in HVAC supply & distribution. Sponsorships, seminars, training and promotional activities are part of my portfolio developed over the years. If you have a challenge, it can be resolved. For consultation contact dwordslayer@gmail.com

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