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The land of honey and words…

This all started with the 4th of July and a feature on some of the USA writers / bloggers who inspire me on their  blogging sites  and

It was the beginning of a thought, a mini light-bulb glowed. I’m always thinking about how I can share great stories which inspire, by those who are brave and willing to write.

After much thought and some planning, I do think there are quite a few places I can visit through the authors of wonderful words. Join with me as I journey with some friends and have a buzzing time with their honey! There are quite a few hot and sweet links in this post, so here is a challenge – if you can get to all just post in comments the number of links I’ve added, with a smiley face. You win, when you have gotten the gold hidden within!

Jim Murray – I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jim about a week ago via Skype and it was amazing. Imagine, just having a chat, face to face, with someone who has a wealth of knowledge in the advertising and media business from Canada. This man is a genius with words, and has a sense of humor. He is also quite charming and dashing in a gentlemanly way, reminds me of the guys in the books I’ve read many years ago. Jim is always willing to share advice and can explain and encourage in a simple and relatable way. He has a personal blog  Onwords&Upwords and that’s like a treasure chest!  Jim is also an Ambassador for  and if anyone can give winning pointers on growing a social media platform, he is dude! Some selections from his honey jar:

The Fine Art Of Coaching Yourself – Self Satisfaction.

The Unbearable Lightness of Bee-ing. One Writer’s Experience In The World of The Golden Hives.

I Think About God

Paul ‘Pablo’ Croubalian – Paul is a tech wizard even though he claims not to be! This Canadian is great with social media gadgets and he can break anything down into a simple recipe of words. He is also a real chef, and can write recipes, understanding which ingredients work well together. On social media he seems to get all the tech ingredients together and has the recipe to get something to work – if you follow his advice! Before I forget, this man is funny, he has a hilarious sense of humor which is seen in the titles of his posts and the images!  Paul is also an Ambassador for so you know he has got the honey production on full throttle! A few selections from his honey jar:

How to Avoid the Consequences of Social War

Getting Started on beBee: The Big – Assed List

Dessert in a Hurry: Easy Pastry Cream for Jardinière.

Cory Galbraith – Cory is a philosopher of historical and modern day life. His articles are rich and vibrant and filled with past actions and living with a present day vibe. Cory shares advice based on the lives of others to help inspire us and keep us motivated. Cory has his personal blog Cory Galbraith and is also posting on My selections from his honey jar:

How to lead a Jazzy Life from the Late Great Miles Davis

Plato’s 6 Rules of Leadership for Today’s World

How to Take Control of Your Career According to Mozart

John Whitehead – I’ve been following John for just over a year and I like his way of sharing advice on business and life. I have not spoken to him yet, but he is one of the bloggers I seek out when I’m looking for a business read. He has a personal website and consultancy at John K. Whitehead & Associates  John also posts on

Two Ears and One Mouth.

Our actions are a reflection of who we are.

Leadership is… Building Leaders

These guys are just a few from my Canadian posse  as we would say in Trini lingo. They are all creative and I yearn to pack my bags and go on a vacation in Canada. It also helps that Canada has the best head of state in the whole wide world, well next to President Obama, and he is out going!

Hope you enjoy the posts selected, and will check out their websites and  These guys are the real deal in my book . Canada is a very happy place and these guys prove it with their words!

Red Blogger picI am a mom, daughter, friend, businesswoman, lover of people, lover of places, lover of life, lover of God. Dwordslayer is who I am when I write, because I’m a lover of words and sharing their meaning. Thank you for reading and hope you will share with someone. Words can increase in value as they are shared – we may never know who may need the meaning, so lets give!

Special selections  for today:

The World’s Trading Currency: People

As I beBee Me


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