Just Thinking out loud 6: The winding road


I’m always looking for places to take photographs to share on my blogs. It’s not hard to find images which inspire, as beauty can be found almost anywhere. It’ Seems I’m always back to the point of perspective. If I show you four photos, taken on the same road, do you think they will look the same? Let’s try this..


They all look the same, but have visible differences, which are easy to see. If you were asked what each photo represented, the first answer may be – a road. If you were asked what was the major color in each photo then green would probably be the answer by most folks.

My question to you would be, why did the photographer take out the same photo if every one would elicit the same answer? Why was one photo not enough? As the photographer, I will share my thoughts while shooting the photos.

The first one was at the beginning of a journey and as I looked ahead, I was amazed at how beautiful the trees and forested area appeared. The blue and white sky connect with the trees and I saw nature meeting heaven. The road was uneven, but it was smooth enough to drive safely and I marveled at how the imperfect road seemed to fit in with the raw natural beauty around.

The second photo took me into the forest driving through the green trees, enjoying the smell of the outdoor air, crisp and green, fresh and clean. The road seemed less uneven and winding, taking me further into an unknown area, but promising, because of the good condition of the roadway, a smooth journey. The focus was on the scenery and the journey.


The third photo saw me coming to civilization because of the clear areas around the road. I was out of the thick forest and could see into the distance, more roadway, but the sky welcoming me to something different, but unknown. This photo inspired me to hope for what is to come. I have come out from the unknown and into the light.


The fourth photo, appears as though we are going up a hill, and it was indeed a gentle creep to a hilltop, which connected with the sky. At the top looking over was my destination. It was in the distance, far but closer because of my vantage point. The journey was almost two hours.


The story of our life can be seen within the pictures. We may have similar journeys which appear at a glance to be the same, but with a closer look, its different. I am quick to share my experiences to illustrate a point if the circumstances appear similar. However, maybe appearances are different based on the view and position one takes in the situation.


As my children grow older, and make decisions and choices, I can’t shield them and protect them from the differences in the road they take for their journey. Many times I don’t understand and I’m anxious and worried, because it seems I’ve been on this road before. Perspectives, are big, in communication and relationships. No two people can see everything the same way. Maybe, at a glance one can think I’ve been down this road before, but if we look closer, the differences are clearer and sometimes too many to make sense of.


I’m still trying to be the best parent I can be. Maybe I don’t have all the answers, but this journey will never end, and I have to enjoy the view while making my way to the end.

Just thinking out loud, because its just you and me, and that winding road.


IMG_20160607_065045I am a mom, daughter, friend, businesswoman, lover of people, lover of places, lover of life, lover of God. Dwordslayer is who I am when I write, because I’m a lover of words and sharing their meaning. Thank you for reading and hope you will share with someone. Words can increase in value as they are shared – we may never know who may need the meaning, so lets give!


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4 thoughts on “Just Thinking out loud 6: The winding road

  1. You are so right that no two people can see everything the same way. This is very important because the way we see things doesn’t always make it right or wrong. That’s why we need to understand how others perceive things, as well.

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