Just Thinking Out Loud: 4


To nourish or eat – that is the question?

What do you feed yourself?

As I got off my bed this morning, I thanked God for my life today and got started. A part of our daily routine involves eating. Life requires nourishment and so we look forward to breakfast and other meals during the day.Its automatic the way our body says , “I need food..” , and it makes me wonder what our soul is calling out for.

Yes, these thoughts are spiritual and by that action alone, nourishment is needed for my Spirit. Sometimes I awake with a song of praise in my mind.. today I’m hearing , “ my help, my help, all of my help cometh from the Lord..” I wonder if this is my call for more food. Just as I feel the ache in my stomach, my soul will send me a reminder, that it needs something.

What we digest comes from what we put into our bodies. Would you eat food which is unhealthy, or will cause you intense pain intentionally? Sometimes I do. I consume many calories which are not healthy but wow they taste good. Then I am sorry when  pack on the extra pounds..and it can be a see- saw. As I exercise and eat well for a while, I feel great and will have that extra scoop of ice cream, or that larger slice of cheesecake which I should keep away from. I crave the things which can give me an instant gratification feeling, and pay the price of my stubborn habit. Until one day my body gets tired and says no more, fill me with good food and let’s enjoy life the way we were meant to. My Spirit feels the same way…God says , “ come to me all you who labor  and are heavy laden and I will give you rest..” Matthew 11:28  Thus my Spirit is in tune with our Creator and that call to be nourished is heard! I must put into me what I want to reflect on the outside! To feel good for a short while can cause lasting harm.

Just thinking out loud.

Be blessed and encouraged



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One thought on “Just Thinking Out Loud: 4

  1. You are not alone Donna-Luisa. I believe we all enjoy that delicious piece of cheesecake, pie or cake in order to fulfill our desire. As long as it is not excessive, then I am not concerned.

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