Alice Goes To The Moon

Hello dear friend it’s  Alice again
With Saint  Bear at my side
Tonight we must sleep, quietly keep
After taking a ride
My pillow, gives me thoughts to think
About all I wish for us to see
My tired eyes keep closing
Finally it’s time for dreams
Tonight my hope is to see the moon
With Saint bear at my side
The sort of dream that takes us far
On a galactic ride
Saint Bear refuses to sleep
I think he is afraid
It’s good I brought my headset for him
He can use it until he’s brave
Take us to  the  moon, and back
Let me touch the stars just this once
Who knows what mysteries lies ahead
Its an adventure for me and Saint Bear
I can see the heavens and the earth beneath
Oops, there goes something else I know
It’s the pretty flip flops my granny sent
Finding its way back home
How great it is these nights of dreams
When all daylight has passed
I wish for night to always be
My present and forever last
Maybe my days will be just as great
As I grow older, and learn to create
A day like night,
With dreams for all,
A joy to be awake
Hello it’s me, I’m Alice
With Saint bear my closest friend
The time has come to say goodnight

I’m back at home my friend.

Red Blogger pic(Written for the ‘Illustration challenge’ by Dean Owen on…The Illustrator is his beautiful wife Lei Lei )
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