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Culture is about who we are, where we are and how we act or react based on established norms and customs. Social media has an evolving culture which fascinates, and scares with its rapid changes and developing code of conduct.

Today  I read  a story and it made me wonder about  people and  friendship, relationships  and what we will do for  each  other and  strangers. On the internet we are strangers until we bond over words and their value to our lives. I have made many virtual friendships which matter in my life over this last year. Some may eventually become physical life friendships and others may remain strong virtual bonds because travel may not permit its evolution.

We form relationships over time. Giving sharing  and caring is easy when  it does not  cross emotional  contributions. Money, caring and love do not seem to  work  together. Our jaded society allows us to  engage with  the facade  of love so we can  feel good. We can ooh and ahh and share anger and  hurt with words yet  we have a greater capacity to be a part of solutions. We are leaders, creative followers and energy makers – together this country called social media is run by our daily actions.  

Who are we when we are well  and everything is okay in our world? Who do we become when we  fail to  be the perfect  example  of health,  wellness  and successful  earners?  

I have  had the  privilege of being a visitor to the dimensions of life changes. Yes, it is quite  a challenge to face the reality that wealth breeds wealth, beauty breeds beauty and health breeds health.  Maybe in the same  vein  we expect races religions and  people to find equality and synergy, so too status and social  standing should correlate. Ah, this utopia may only exist in  my minds eyes and  heart. I will believe it  anyway.

The Yin & Yang of Culture

Maybe it is the culture  of the world’s DNA – do not acknowledge  differences, do not acknowledge change, do not  acknowledge love. Do not acknowledge people, do not acknowledge .Turn and look away. Make yourself  immune to life around you and you may find you  miss out on all you could do for another  life. John White, a virtual friend of mine, shared a post on his challenges and his motivation a few weeks ago, and I was inspired by his resilience. Another virtual friend Laura Mikolaitis collaborated with me and we ended up crossing that virtual divide through conversation.  I’m always tapping into my virtual relationships and I have found great synergy and understanding from a broad cross section of people and places. This week, I’ve found a wonderful woman through her illustrations and husband Dean Owen and I’ve written stories she likes, without communicating a word directly. Maybe the other meaning of DNA – doing nothing alone is the alter culture ego. A positive yin and yang experience.

Making a difference one step at a time

Let me bring  it closer to  home  in an example  I saw today… this morning. Gary Sharpe and Deb Helfrich  need your help.  What will you receive  in return  for helping  them – nothing  tangible  that I or anyone  can  offer. You will receive  something  from  you to you though … good karma and that warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone! I  have  sat and  observed  their strategy  and they have  done  what they can  do on their own. They need numbers… and some help to keep  their hope alive. The business acumen and skills of note by those of us connected virtually only matter on social  media  when they can be harnessed and realized. Maybe their appeal to their target market did not catch the understanding of many. Parkinson’s disease meant nothing to me, until I saw and read the journey of Gary and Deb.I now know how it changes lives and its impact. 

Kindly click  on the link and  it will take  you to  their gofundme page the rest is up to you. Then if you  are moved to influence a few of your closest associates to be involved, please share.  Finally,if you  can  offer some  advice  on how  their dream can be realized…let’s share.  

Wealth revolves around capacity to do something different sometimes, influencing others. This is me, my culture and DNA… do not avoid. Live.

Thank you for your indulgence and engagement. I’m passionate about life and people, and hope to make a positive difference for those around me. My appreciation for your support.

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Artwork: Artistree
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