Happy Mother’s Day…from Me


A message for mother’s day…

As a parent, the role of coach and mentor are a part of my responsibilities. The action of sharing, caring and loving, first comes from within the womb, and then we try to get the rest right! The role of the mother, is not only a female one. It is a parent role, and one I will share with dads on their day also.

As a mother, it has been a journey, which never ends – thankfully. Some-days, I am  supermom and on other days, I’m the wicked witch of the west or Fidel Castro (no democracy) of the past, if you ask my kids. They are grown up now, and love them, or feel infuriated, crazy, and befuddled by them, I’m proud of my children. My role was that of ‘single mama’ and I respect and salute all single moms and parents, who are in this role. When you are blessed with the babies, keep them, love them, protect them, train them up to be responsible, respect them, and then let go.

All mothers can be leaders, whether silently or otherwise. We become leaders when we step up, to set an example, and to partner with spouses in leading the way. This is my humble opinion.

From me to you – here are three posts from my blog below, which I hope will inspire you as much as they inspired me. Take some time out and look at you in the mirror – you are so beautiful, and you are a mom! Celebrate life!

Have a happy mother’s day. #love #dance #smile #enjoyLife #createMemories #kissTheKids

A Life of Love for Davita

Expectations and Limits

When The Sun Stops Shining…

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