R.O.A.R – Capacity to Choose


“There are no quick fixes in life…if the substance of achieving is learned”(Eversley,2016)


There are many ways to lose, fail, and give up. There is one way to succeed and win. Decide and choose which path you will take and get a move on it. The challenge is in keeping the mind and body in sync with fulfilling purpose and self-gratification. When a team wins and you’re a part of the team, you win. When you embark on a project alone and you succeed in accomplishing what you set out to do, you win.

There is no ‘I’in team as we learnt in team building exercises. However, there is an ‘I’ in  ‘WIN’ and either in a group or on your own, you must bring that ‘I’ to the table. Doing your part involves getting your adrenaline to rush. It is that inner determination to achieve, which can get the blood pumping and the excitement to pull through.

Through the years I have discovered every-time I get that ‘rush’ I will roar. Winning, in my opinion, means getting into a race with others or myself to compete and complete an action. Thus I need to run, without stopping. The precision of my steps, the hurdles, and the surrounding conditions, only become fuel as I persist towards the finish.

Running on adrenaline rush (ROAR) can only be activated by me, the person. I control what turns that button on. Its a preset trigger, which is activated by emotion – adrenaline.

Without my ‘roar’, I’m still committed, but less determined to win, and simply committed to finish the race.


Many years ago, I was given a position in a firm to sell film. The film was not a well known brand locally, and there was a predominance of Kodak in our market. In those days I was all ‘unbridled’ brazen and bold in sales. There was no polish, no subtle actions or emotions but raw passion to jump in and succeed. The director who hired me had this new business unit as his project, and spoke with encouraging humor laced with sarcasm and directness. After, lauding my own praises and abilities, he called me out with my first task. A list of approximately twenty customers they wanted to do business with. This was my customer base to build on. I can still recall that feeling of anticipation as he surrendered his list. He advised, most had not purchased anything significant and a few nothing at all. Then, his punchline was to challenge my ability to execute favorably within a few months. As he spoke, I heard the challenge, and was cocky enough to make a positive remark filled with bravado! My trepidation changed as he flipped my trigger. The adrenaline rushed as I left his office, determined to gain the accounts, and the more valuable praise.

Within three months that list of twenty, became forty customers, and the valuable praise was received. Through the years spent under his leadership, I discovered he understood people, and he understood me. Management is also about releasing capacity to optimize performance. ROAR.

Capacity to Choose

During extreme moments of pressure on the body you can experience an adrenaline rush. When this kicks in, whatever you are doing becomes sensitive to the emotions coming forward. For  many athletes, the rush is built up in the desire, passion and excitement to win the game. When looking at a football match it is easy to see the team which seizes the opportunities with zeal and zest – maximizing on the moment, differentiating themselves. Likewise, the team which feels intimidated or overly confident can drop the ball and lose the opportunities – if their emotional rush is not positively fueled.

The underdog can win when losing is not an option. Winning completes the task. This is where persistence will equal success. The person who hears the noises saying he can’t is the same person who can hear the voices saying, he can. Who and what you will listen to is determined by you.

Running on adrenaline rush (ROAR) is activated by you and your capacity to endure. Get moving, and cross the hurdles, till you win.

This is the third part of a series on Capacity.The first part is  Capacity and the second is Capacity 2: A deeper meaning-Endurance


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4 thoughts on “R.O.A.R – Capacity to Choose

  1. shubhanshu

    True sales experience you have shared Donna. I really loved your way of being so kind and honest to share the stories with others because these are really going to help in our sales process.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I must say you were truly fortunate to have met a leader who your potential and helped to release your ROAR. Let’s hope more people have that life building experience too! 🙂


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