Be still my heart…


Overcoming challenges

Life can have so many challenges, but we will get through them. We can get through them if we believe we are not alone. Whatever you face is temporary. It happens in a moment and can be gone in a moment.

How you see the light depends on how you see and experience your light bulb moment. As I fussed over something beyond my own control, there was this realization. This ‘light bulb’ moment, when I stopped leading the battle and let someone who is stronger take control. I can do all things if I let go and trust that God will handle it. The circumstances may not have changed, but my heart and head actions changed. Thus, I became stronger, and able to face the next moment.

Be Still My Heart

Be still my heart
and let God fight your battles
Be still my tongue
and let your words be of good
This battle you fight
Will be over very soon
Be still, my beating heart
He fights just for you

Be still my heart
and let the storm pass over
Be still wayward tongue
Words can cause dismay
This battle is not yours,
though it started with you
Be still my beating heart
God’s will, will come true

Be still my heart
and let this song come from your mouth
Give praise, bless his name
Rejoice, cause he has won
The war may rage on
But the tears will see an end
Sing, and shout all praises
Trust in Jesus to the end

Be still my beating heart
He is able to win in everything
No one can stand before him
and not give in
He can fulfill your heart’s desire
Beyond what you can even conceive
Give it all over to Jesus
It is he who makes your heart beat

This life is a journey, and we must choose our battles, and our leader. I choose my maker, creator, savior.Maybe the answers are not as I expect, but my vision is limited by faith and not his ability.

IMG_20160327_153105Be inspired and encouraged in your journey!

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11 thoughts on “Be still my heart…

  1. shubhanshu

    Nice words, thoughts and message to keep us highly motivated, keep faith and spirit alive. Thanks for sharing Donna.


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