Who are “WE…?”


A Humanitarian crisis…

Whatever I wanted to say today is on pause. I saw something online via mashable.com and thought maybe its one of those goofy things people film which cannot be real.  The headline screamed..” Refugees came to ‘the Jungle ‘ seeking freedom and were evicted with clouds of teargas”http://mashable.com/2016/03/01/the-jungle-evictions-teargas/#sQhYjI8iQ8qS

“I don’t want to watch. I cannot read. I cannot see such unkind inhumanity”…then I watch. It is real.

The sign says “we are not terrorists”, as held by a refugee – it catches my heart. As I read Alex Thomson’s tweets and watched the video clips, I see the bulldozers coming to move the people. The refugees – children, women, men, the elderly. United in what they were doing- the French, Belgian, British and German mixture of removers, have a mission to move these people and demolish their ‘shacks of life’. In October last year I shared this;

“There is a crisis worldwide which cannot and should not be avoided. The surge of refugees in the war torn middle east has magnified  to epic proportions , making the word ‘epic’ insignificant. Where are they all to go? There are not many countries offering the opportunity to help relocate, simply because it is almost impossible to conceive. These nations, once thriving and prosperous are now broken mortar, with blood mixed in. Lost societies, not for archaeologists to seek out in the future, but here in the present.” excerpt from “My Brother’s Keeper” -https://donnaluisawordslayer.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/my-brothers-keeper/

Human rights affect all of us.I understand the need for boarders and control of people who are undocumented, and displaced. Not everyone is good, or has good intentions. However, not everyone is bad. What type of society is being developed in this world? We are no longer carers of peace and unity, or thoughts of that may have changed. Has brotherhood of love and good living devolved becoming something else? Are we so filled with technological brilliance our humanity has diminished?

Finally, I live on the dreams of hope that we can be free in our hearts to be our brother’s keeper. I live on the dreams that my small part no matter how insignificant I can make someone smile – if only for a second, to be filled with something other than pain. I live on the dreams that my children will know that the causes I live for are simply more than I can ever hope to be worthy of. I live with the dreams that though the wealth I do not know yet will find me, so that I can multiply what I can give. I live with my dreams that my legacy to this world will be that I was here, I gave, I made you smile, and maybe you had a peaceful night. Maybe you experienced the hunger pains deep in the heart of your belly less. In the embryo of my world let me not forget you also need a place to rest.” excerpt My Brother’s Keeper fromhttps://donnaluisawordslayer.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/my-brothers-keeper/ 

Here is the link for ” Refugees came to ‘the Jungle ‘ seeking freedom and were evicted with clouds of teargas” The journalist is Alex Thomson and the site is mashable.com 

Tell me what happens next? What happens to the displaced when they are forced to become refugees? I want to know, because it could be me or anyone of us out there. Let’s pray we never fall into such circumstances; but a twist in any tale is always lurking, hidden.

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 Credits: Alex Thomson & mashable.com news
 Artwork: Artistree -andrew.innocent@hotmail.com
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7 thoughts on “Who are “WE…?”

  1. Amanpan I agree with you that sometimes the sensationalism takes the focus away from the problem..but sometimes, we need the media attention on what is happening out there, with some great journalism. If we don’t know about it..it all gets hidden. The big question is what is being done to address the situation in a humane way…

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  2. Unfortunately, people become victims of the media. A lot of what we hear and see in the news is speculation and not the facts. Anything to create a splashy headline so as to attract attention. People become judgmental without a true sense of what is going on. Then there is the overreaction and nothing is accomplished. It’s sad.

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  3. Seems we don’t have many folks in a position to help who can exercise some humanity. The world must be poor..or maybe the dollar of hearts has been devalued. Being real even though sounding cynical!

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  4. In my country, there’s a notorious ex-pseudo-politician/guru who recently proclaimed there’s no such thing as human rights. My opinion is that these are the people responsible for most of the misfortunes of the world. Simply because they believe they are too powerful to have the need for “rights.”

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