Seeing The Glass For What It Is


The Light

Yesterday I saw one of my doctors, and realized my journey will be long. I knew this before, but it only hit me ( a big wallop) last night. I have ongoing pain. Some days are better than others, but I am alive. For those following my journey you will know this year I decided I must live, live, live.

Whatever your story, whatever your struggle, whatever your challenges – you are alive to see another dawn.

I have over thirty plus years experience in “sales and business development”and most aspects of  both fields. Tough times don’t change unless you get tough and wise. For life to be sustained you have to find a way to balance the challenges of your professional life and your personal reality.

I have had the privilege to be an entrepreneur  working in a regional market with an international supplier and a local base. I have had successes and I’ve had my share of failures, all adding to my practical experience. Most importantly though, I have had the support of my family, friends and customers who believe in me.

There are always requests for advice and assistance which I’m happy to share. Knowledge attained should be put to good use, even if you are unable to aggressively use it as hoped. To coach and mentor is a way of improving and honing your skills, which many should seek to do.The surest way to know you understand is to share, and wait for the response aka results!

That glass

From the beginning of time – as I know it – I’ve been told about how we see ‘the glass’. To see the glass as half empty or half full relates to how you choose to see your circumstances, opportunities or life. The reality of what we see has a lot to do with how we think and our beliefs, in my opinion. Thus, I choose to see my glass for what it is.

Hey, my glass is bent out of shape, has a few kinks but is made of one of those strong sturdy Teflon type materials. If you poured into my cup right now, it may not even hold everything, but by God it holds enough. It holds something, and you can have a drink of my advice, thoughts or suggestions if you need it!

I have posted this poem somewhere before, but it seems appropriate for today;

My Hope
I want to see the sun with its orange and green
I want to know it will smile right back on me
To bask in the radiant beautiful glow
To feel warmth and the freedom of the sun on my nose
I hope to see in this darkness a glimmer of light
In the wind, in the rain, in my darkness , just something right
I wish to pray to my father just to understand why
How this world could be so evil, with so little humanity inside
How do the lives exist bringing torment and pain
How do the innocent perish – why the hurt its all insane
I want to see the sun, it is the highest point of hope
I want to trust in its beauty  and not see blackness unfold
How can the sun shine its golden light in the middle of a desolate day
How can the stars share their tiny rays  in a world filled with hate
When will my orange and green sun sparkle  on the earth next to me
Today- I long to see the sun with its rays shining back in all its glory
(Created April, 2015)

So today, let me say, that sun is shining right back at me. What has changed? My reality is the same, but my mindset is different  and I’m seeing my glass for what it is. The glass can be held!

Be inspired!

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Thank you for reading.

This is me, your favorite wordslayer, hahaha!

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 Artwork: Artistree
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6 thoughts on “Seeing The Glass For What It Is

  1. shubhanshu

    very inspiring story and I am much motivated with your courage and positive outlook to your life in every circumstances. My words are not enough but I can feel the pain and happiness. Hats off to you Donna. You have truly become my inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can feel the emotion in your poem. I feel there is a lot you are holding in. and I understand as I am sometimes the same way. I hope everything works out in your favor. Sending hugs your way.

    Liked by 1 person

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