The Art of Living with Myself


Life as art…

To everyone of us life means something different. Sure when we speak to each other it may sound the same, but its not. What drives me is different from what drives you. Each life is like a piece of artwork waiting to be painted and discovered. Its a beautiful mural or picture for many, like the works of French artist, Paul Cezanne or  the American artist,Thomas Kinkade. The stories can be brightly colorful or filled with dark despair. Each step and decision can become a stroke of something to expand on, or something we would like to wipe clean from the canvas called life.

My Canvas/Your Canvas

My canvas, I like to imagine was filled with yellow and orange the day I was born. As my mural unfolded, strokes of white and black began to give life to my actions and decisions. As each decade passed, the picture changed, it expanded and images and people were added. There was laughter, anger, joy, pain, and a lot of passion and suffering included by the artist who was painting me. Street art like Bansky with rich stories or even Gaia‘s bold works are the present painters of our society showing life in a different way. Then there are the works from StinkFish which seem to tell stories in the eyes, deep and soulful. It is Swampy who intrigues though with his mysteries persona and presence, unknown but known by his work.

My art of life is different and yours is as unique as my own. We are individuals of character and strength. Good and evil. Innovator and liberator . We pave our way with what we have. Sometimes, your canvas seems more beautiful than what is in front of me. Then, I feel inspired to do more because I see how much more you have put into your picture. Sometimes, you do less and it looks beautiful, but when I look closer, there is no depth from the strokes. Just meaningless images – like a car, a house, and treasures to be bought and sold. So I focus on my painting – my life’s art.

Unfinished treasures

As I stand back and look at the picture in front of me, I can see its incompleteness. There is more ‘wall to be built.’ To continue painting I must build more. There must be something to paint on, because my life is a piece of art – created to be completed. This unfinished treasure is hand- made by my creator.


To live is to to tell a story. What will your story be if you chose to share your painting? Face you. Look at you from within; no mirrors needed to see;  your picture in its perfect place. See – you are a work of art . Be inspired!

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 Credit:Credits: Complex Style via Google

Artwork: Artistree

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8 thoughts on “The Art of Living with Myself

  1. shubhanshu

    To live is to tell a story is my favorite so far. I remember the days when I was in school, i like most Black and brown colors even one salesman told me, I should wear dark colors that suits me much. As i grow, I started picking and loving every color and found that every color suits me best if I have my heart and life colorful. Your post always shows me the flavor of colors which adds a new meaning to my life.

    Liked by 1 person

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