The Total of a Woman


Reflecting female thoughts

I’m quite fond of our male species – I have to be, having borne two wonderful sons and my daughter. Life happens and if you are privileged to be around children growing up, you learn a lot about yourself.

I grew up in a home filled with females and had ideas from relatives, family, and friends about the male humans.However, until my sons were birthed, its safe to say, I knew nothing about males.

In getting to know and understand my sons, I learnt about me, and my value to them in their male haven. They think differently, and they should because they are wired differently. They are smart, protective, honorable and exasperating ( introducing me to Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady think like a man!). They always had both parents- just separately for quite some time. We are parents first, single/ married second, and that’s my philosophy, once children are involved!

Like most women, I experience challenges with how I see myself,my family -those awesome kids, relationships, my weight- which likes to fluctuate on its own(smile), my desire for continuously more.

What makes me who I am? What inspires me to push past my weaknesses and pivot forward, to reach what even I cannot see?

My  faith, my beliefs are mine belonging to what holds me together when the world outside dares to try pulling it apart. The strength of purpose and authority on the outside is not all of me. Look beyond that, and see I am more, much more than, the career, the children, the role society has cast me in. The person you see is real, born to this earth not to be enslaved by a category, or defined solely by my gender. I am real so find me if you can. Daughter, Sister, Wife , Mother, Grandmother, friend, if you are brave enough  to seek my essence -find me.

The Total of a Woman

We are more than we let on

Created to be the bearers of the seed of the earth

We are blessed to be called to this honorable service

Never being able to discount who we are

No price can be paid

There is no total , we are continuously improving , regenerating

sometimes we are in control and at other times we are controlled

but we can never be less than we are

No price can be paid to be as we are

deep within our souls

No one can know how we feel as we nurture

and our indecisiveness to pain sometimes we can only feel

and sometimes we hide what we feel

We carry our birthright to bear as our right

But we are told it is not our right and we know in our hearts what is right

We can never pause to rest

because we are more than we let on

We aim to be and to be changers of our history

Yet we remain the same

a complex mixture of emotional thoughts words and dreams

cast at our feet with assertive pride and boldness

and in the twilight of our day finally we can run no more

give no more and feel no less than all we have done in our lives

We go back to as we were in the beginning

a beautiful wonder, the dream of our creator

We are forever always , totally woman

(Donna-Luisa Eversley-2009)

We are part of a distinct society male and female. We love each other passionately, and hurt each other with intensity, yet we need each other. The evolution of the world relies on our ability to procreate, harmonize, and find that ubiquitous place with each other. Our peace requires balancing in our scales of life. Our fulfillment requires our understanding and love of ourselves.

Restrictions, limitations should never stop us from pressing on. In the sunset of our lives, looking back should hold no regrets. Fulfill your promise – Live.

IMG_20160214_160103Here I am, a woman of many experiences, many words & pictures!

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