Let’s Talk – The morning after…Carnival!

Cooling Down!

Carnival always ends with tired feet. Those feet which never walked a mile, will do many miles dancing, walking and even running to the rhythm of soca music. It makes me laugh just thinking about the physical preparation for carnival, and its ultimate end in a ‘cool down!

Baywatch is the name of the beach party this year. For many revelers taking the day off from work is expected. The feet and body need the ‘salt water’ and even more music to cool down! It’s beach party time and the roads going to the major beaches are packed with bumper to bumper traffic. Swimsuits, music, drinks, sun and sand….imagine!

Ash Wednesday

As a child we would head out to school on Ash Wednesday and line up to go to church. It was important to become clean again by acknowledging our sins and receiving our ashes on the forehead. To my little mind, it was okay to have fun, and then ask for forgiveness. It was expected, and even ritualistic. This was our way of life, our Trini way.

I love the beach, especially when there are not many people around. I’ve been to maybe two beach parties after carnival many years ago. Further exhaustion from the masquerade on the beach, but very satisfying.

Our carnival precedes lent, and with as much or more vigor as the revelers, our religious followers embark on the journey to repentance. The culture and heritage of our people is passionate, energizing and real.

There is a symbolic washing away of the past days, as we enter into our Lenten season – the end of the carnival season!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – The morning after…Carnival!

  1. You make me ‘wish I was there’ with this post Donna-Luisa! I’m envious! Hope to see the pixs of you at the beach party, and Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados are two places I hope to visit in future…maybe during the carnival season next year.

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