Let’s Talk – Capacity 2


A deeper meaning – Endurance

“Endurance is built through conditioning with adversity & challenges!”

There are times when we are faced with a choice to keep going on or to give up because it’s just too hard. Is it really too hard, too unbearable, too difficult to press on and continue to the end? To keep pressing forward despite the feelings to give in and stop are there within us all. Endurance means finishing what was started under changing and sometimes very tough circumstances!

We all have the capacity for more. Marathon runners start a race with preparation of the body and mind. Mental conditioning is as important as physical training. As the runner makes his final mile, his body can slow down, because it knows the end is near and is severely fatigued. The sweat and parched insides scream ..”stop”.. and his mind says ..”you can do it, keep going. Almost there.” As the end comes and the body crosses over, it collapses in accomplishment. It has endured to the end. The body’s capacity has been challenged and increased under extreme testing!

Our life situations are similar at work, school and home.


Your endurance requires strength of body, mind and spirit. That inner voice of faith and belief in self is challenged daily with the unpredictable. Keep calm and focused on the end – it will come, and you can finish. Prepare yourself to be ready for more with physical health, mental conditioning and spiritual understanding . Capacity expands with endurance!

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