Let’s Talk.. Competition!


Being the best You to win!

Competition is the other people, who want to be better than you at what you do. Maybe they are – so let’s keep it real and focus on improving our position in our chosen field or market! The road to being ahead of the rest means giving more than expected continuously. Or to say it differently – doing it so well no one wants to look around!

What makes you different? What makes your company, its products & services different? These are questions we should be able to understand and have a response for. The ability to stand out in a crowd can help attract attention to you  – both positive and negative reactions.

Let’s be real; if the competition has positioned their product on price maybe they will attract an initial big audience. If quality, service, accessibility and reputation can back them up, you have to find an area of uniqueness to gain your own market share. It’s a lot easier when the competition is not great at anything – but do you really want to be pegged against the worst? It’s about giving an experience which is so good, repeat business can be continuous from loyal customers!


Be bold, be different, be the reason you are sought by customers and everyone. Blending in can make you anonymous. Keep it real and show why your customer service is superior! Let the competition stand in your shadow!

Share your feedback and any topics you’d like to have covered! Thanks and have a successful day!
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Artwork: Artistree -andrew.innocent@hotmail.com
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