Let’s Talk…Customer Choices!


Decisions, decisions…who/what to choose?

We all have choices and it’s the same for customers. Making decisions is a distinct art and can be influenced by external factors and personal preferences. That decision to choose one thing over the other can be based on methodical comparison or impulsive reaction.

Can you influence the decision making process and sway it to your favor – of course you can! Appealing to the customer’s needs or desires will take some relevant persuasion. Buying a car and buying a pair of shoes may take a lot of consideration based on the individual and what’s important to them. The customer’s resources, relevance  and awareness of purchase are key in the final decision. The value to the customer is what matters in separating him from his money!


Technology has made it easy for customers to know and make a decision before getting to the store – retail or virtual. Find your customers before they find you to gain an advantage in the selection process!

Share your feedback and any topics you’d like to have covered! Thanks and have a successful day!

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Artwork: Artistree -andrew.innocent@hotmail.com
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