Let’s Talk…Appreciation


Customer Service has to start somewhere – and that’s with you!

How do you feel about your customer? Do you enjoy dealing with others and helping solve problems, meeting needs, or finding solutions which will satisfy the customer? If your answer is ‘yes’ – you are off to a great start!

Customers, like all of us, like to feel appreciated and not taken for granted. Greetings are important – and not simply the ‘get it over with'”good morning”. It takes a warm engaging smile and a greeting with a personal touch to send the message, “Good morning its great to see you, how can we help you today?”

During the transaction process gently inquire on satisfaction expected from the business decision to ensure the product or service matches up. If they insist on the wrong match – be sure to highlight the necessity and benefits of the right choice  or advise against purchase. This ensures your  company’s service and reputation are safeguarded. Do not be quick for a ‘bad hustle’, sometimes its better to walk away from a deal!

Follow up after the sale, because you appreciate the customer’s business and its the right thing to do. This gives an opportunity to get feedback on customer satisfaction!


Appreciation is not a ‘special customer service day’ event. Customers appreciate when you remember them by name, birthday’s and business conducted previously. Cultivate your appreciation as a habit!

Share your feedback and any topics you’d like to have covered! Thanks and have a successful day!
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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk…Appreciation

  1. shubhanshu

    Great saying Donna. Appreciating ourselves and to others specially for their work, nature, environment. This really helps making a room for conversation and a long discussion.


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