Let’s Talk…Customer Service


Building relationships ..

“Customer service can be a lot more than you may expect. Give great service all the time!”(Eversley,2016)

Another week has started and it’s time to get some focus on business. How are you going to get new relationships started to get new business. Maybe it’s a better idea to first check in with the older/ regular customers. They have done business before with you and its a great place to start. So what’s holding you back…have you kept in touch?

The ability to influence another person in making a decision should be a high priority this year! Keeping in touch with existing customers can be the beginning of customers becoming a great source of introductions! Yes, that’s right. The value of a referral both sought and unexpected is life changing! Your service to your existing customer should always be great enough to foster trust!

Attracting new customers from present customers is really cultivating your own opportunities to broaden your reach! It’s otherwise known as networking ….


It’s easier to deepen customer relations with existing customers than cultivating new ones. Spend some time weekly checking in. Get acquainted with those you know and get introduced to others!

Imagine these are the words you hear when you make that step ..” Hey John glad you called. I was speaking to Mark Taylor yesterday and mentioned you. He needs a software package like mine. I gave him your number….”

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