Let’s talk – Communication 2


Did you say what I heard ?

We are busy talking, sharing , conversing. As the conversation comes to an end, some one asks a question, and the other responds, “that’s not what I heard you say a while ago!”

Misunderstandings happen during random conversations, and its easily corrected most times. At work, a misunderstanding in communication can be quite costly for all parties!

Lets practice taking notes, key points and recapping. Does this seem tedious and make you uncomfortable? Don’t compromise a great habit with ego. When dealing with customers, colleagues, and other business affiliates, its smart to  get your details correct!


Recapping a conversation is a great way to ensure there is a meeting of the minds. It also gives an opportunity to catch key details not previously mentioned, or understood.

Enjoy the conversations without misunderstandings, while listening. Seek to become a great communicator, and you will hear what is said!


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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk – Communication 2

  1. donnaluisae

    Reena Saxena thanks for your valuable feedback and addition … its is vital taking notes and asking questions, recapping. Its taken for granted but should be a habit cultivated..


  2. The importance of taking notes cannot be overemphasized. I had written a blog covering an event, mentioning the gist of what the speakers said. And some of them reverted with corrections – including commas and fullstops, and how their name needs to be spelt. I learnt the basics of event coverage.


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