Lets talk…about your plan!


Clearing the thought process….

It takes more than a cup of coffee to keep a clear head. Hopefully you had some sleep and you’re feeling like the million of whatever you dreamt about!

One of the most fun things I can think about at work is drafting that plan to execute. Its like planning to take over a country. Overthrowing the existence of ‘nothing’ and bringing life to barren land!

First things first – What are you expected to achieve this year, quarter, month, week, day. Its great to see expectations in black and white – it helps to keep them real. 

What’s this looking at you in the photograph below.. an empty page. Its the page you get to fill – in longhand – especially if you can’t write without smudging – getmy plan blank dirty and lets brainstorm a plan. If you are a ‘techno-buff’ then you can use one of the many apps or templates available on the web!

I can share a lot of great things you can do towards making success yours, but nothing will matter if we can’t start with what you know and how you see it all.


Work is a daily trip which requires some navigation or you will be lost. Be sure to ask the right person your questions. When all else fails, I use Google & YouTube! Isolation will take you to obscurity!

Discuss, and get some critical feedback from those you trust in the area of expertise! Once you have that map. Lets get the test run done!

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