Time…lets get this right!



I enjoy water, the beach fascinates me, and there is the freedom and individuality of the waves, which inspires peace and energy together.

While chatting with my  eldest son today and reminiscing on our travels, we recalled a good family friend and smiled. A couple hours later, via Facebook we learnt of his departure from this world. How are you doing for time…can you give me a moment of your time?

Let me share a poem with you. Its something written in 2009, and reminds me, that life is precious, and people need time. More than anything else, lets remember to share time.

Good bye dear friend

We grieve for the dead

but have no time for the living.

Keeping promising tomorrow is available today.

Never really accepting

our immortality.

No time exists, to see today.

I grieve for my friend who I had not seen.

Never making a moment in this life

in my time.


Now time plays a joke and a kind heart

I will no longer see.

Cause as faith goes, so does life

we never know.

So I grieve for my friend gone for so long

but alive when my time was busy

I cannot share my gratitude

or the pleasure received.

When our paths crossed.. you were really

a great friend to me.

I will never forget, though your image will fade

and maybe one day

I’ll be blessed

to see you in the heavens

smiling across at me

sharing dreams and hopes

your life was real.

I cannot remember a time

when you did not have time

to stop by and just say hello.

I can’t remember a time you failed to encourage me

to walk brave on my very narrow road

I remember all the things that I thought I’d one day share

and say what a great friend you were.

Now you sleep

and will not rise to see

the sun, the rain, the stars

the sky.

But my heart remembers

with joy

who you were

when you were here

Good Bye my Friend

I’m wondering again what can I share, write and say to this new community of wonderful, inspiring people – that’s you, I’m speaking about. Life can be whatever we want it to be, if we engage, share, communicate and discuss with each other. We can enrich each other by connecting in this time!

When the waves rush to the shore they taper out, meeting the friendly sand and rocks. This is repeated continuously, in many different ways, never coming to an end. The wave just happy to meet its friend the shore!

Share with me, like, comment and share with others.  Lets engage  my fellow wordslayer. Lets make our words speak and share our thoughts and experiences!

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